Fine house of conditional good environment closes rent 5 rooms 2 hall 1 defend 1
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Central heating Garage
  • I am not intermediary! Inquire whether intermediary
  • The room is Lou Zhonglou, downstair 3, upstairs 2, now empty two, upstairs, 300 yuan / month, downstair a room, 300 yuan / month, the room is furnished, public TV, washing machine, water heater, freezer, kitchen, toilet, garage 13 square! Building fluctuation room is wooden floor, whole is decorated relaxed and easy! By beauty spot of Sichuan hillock Xi Feng, closer from west lake town, the house does not have a word to tell, the requirement adds up to the person that hire to be honest love clean and single public figure! Be about to hire as soon as possible!
  • Close hire information
    • 18-30 year old, high school of record of formal schooling / duty school / high post / ability school above, love is clean, extroversion is united in wedlock inside, sweethearts / husband and wife is taken no account of, take a child to take no account of, do not allow to smoke, can not take pet
      Other requirement: Be restricted female (a person lives)
    • Probably area: 18 square metre, the price: 300Yuan / month, room front: South, establishment: Bed, chest, TV wired, balcony, table, curtain
    • Was born 1984, undergraduate course record of formal schooling, education / groom industry, love is clean, extroversion is united in wedlock inside, maiden, without the child, do not smoke, do not raise pet
    • Contact: King gentleman

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