Rent not sale of public rental unemployed college students can apply for leasin
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Reporter learned yesterday from the provincial government, the province to speed up the development of public rental housing proposed the implementation of views. Which provides public rental housing can only be leased, not sold. Public rental housing is to provide policy support to the Government, limited area of dwelling size, supply and rent levels of the object, in accordance with reasonable standards to raise, for the urban middle-income housing for needy families and other groups with protection of the nature of rental housing. Sets shall not exceed 60m2 area of public rental Public rental housing construction can be invested directly by the Government can also adopt policies that support the community building in a participatory manner. Meanwhile, the concentration of migrant workers in the development zones and industrial parks, various types of investors to guide the construction of public rental housing, for employment of labor units or park rental. Availability of public rental housing can also be converted, acquisitions, long-term rental housing in the market, etc. multi-channel mobilization. Major new public rental housing to meet basic living needs, can be a complete housing, can also be a dormitory. Among them, the complete construction of public rental housing, to small family-based, strict control of a single set of floor area of 60 square meter. In addition, public rental housing can only be leased, not sold. Apply for registration of property ownership housing, the real estate administrative departments of housing ownership certificate should be marked "public rental housing, not sold." Implementation of public rental housing construction, "who invests, who all", the interests of investors can be transferred by law. Construction of public rental housing to enjoy the offer Province provides all levels of government to manage public rental housing construction sites in the annual land supply plan, and key security priority. Funding, the province also offers a series of preferential policies. Direct government investment in the construction of public rental housing, construction, funding sources, including city and county government funding arrangements for the financial year budget, the provincial financial support funds, the central subsidy funds, housing provident fund loans, lease of public rental housing and supporting facilities recovery funds, social donations, and other way to raise the funds. Tax incentives, public rental housing construction by the relevant affordable housing policy implementation, payment of administrative fees and government funds, management fee is charged by the low limit halved. New residential cable television and water supply, electricity, gas, drainage, communications, roads and other municipal utilities, supporting construction financed by the relevant units, and appropriate relief network, the network capacity increase and other operational charges. Unemployed students can apply for rental housing Public rental housing are mostly urban middle-income housing for needy families. Provisions in our province, areas where conditions permit, workers can be new jobs, to be employment of university graduates, development zones and industrial parks and other migrant workers have a stable job and a certain number of years living in urban migrant workers into the scope of supply. The supply of public rental housing standards of the annual income of an object, in principle, should not be higher than the local urban residents per capita annual income of 2.5 times; the housing difficulties of the standard principles for the houseless families or families with per capita floor area of 15 square meters below the family; specific criteria by the people's governments above the county level. Special local government professionals and the introduction of more than provincial model workers, more work has been awarded the second ex-servicemen housing for needy families to apply for public rental housing by territorial, may be appropriate to relax the access conditions. Shiwupeizu have enjoyed low-cost housing and affordable housing policy, the family, no single public rental housing. Rental price determined by the principle of preserving the profit Public rental housing lease price municipal and county governments and consider the level of local rental housing market, supply the object of capacity to pay, maintenance and management costs, construction investment recovery, lots of housing and other factors which, in accordance with the principle of reasonable protection to determine the profit, the implementation of dynamic adjustments, revised every two years to the public. Enterprise zones and industrial parks self, orientation of public rental housing rental, the rental price with reference to the local government to determine their own rent levels, reported the local prices, the housing management department and later. Meet the conditions of low-rent housing guarantee public rental housing tenant households can apply for low-cost rental housing subsidies, rental subsidies to low-cost housing, the amount of rent shall not exceed the amount of public rental housing, and paid directly to the public rental housing management department. Lease contract is 3 years Public rental housing, the lessor and lessee shall sign a written lease contract. Public rental housing, the general 3-year lease contract, the contract model text by the provincial housing department in charge of formulating urban and rural construction. The lessee shall use reasonable housing contract, the timely payment of rent and other expenses. Lessee in the lease period, the household, family size, income and housing conditions change, it shall promptly inform the operation and management of public rental housing sector. The lessee paying rent and other charges, can inform their units, simply deduct from their wages directly. Lease requires the lessee to renew the contract expires, and should be 3 months before expiration of the contract to re-apply, eligible to re-sign the lease contract renewal. Cheat Tenants not eligible for housing support within 5 years Public rental housing tenants in the lease or rent after the expiration of the period, voluntarily give up the lease qualified shall promptly report to the local operation and management of public rental housing agencies for the relevant procedures, and since the housing tenant vacate cease collection of rent next month. Public rental housing tenants, one of the following acts, operation and management of public rental housing agencies the right to terminate the lease contract, to recover the rent of public rental housing, will be credited to their personal credit files act, the lessee shall not apply for protection within 5 years Housing: will the public rental housing tenant sublet, lend, or change of use; for 6 months or more not in the public rental housing tenant living, housing and social security departments and not to the justification, and the record; total of 6 months over non-payment of rent of public rental housing and property management services, housing and social security departments and not to the justification, and the record; The survey found that conceal relevant information or providing false qualified tenant fraud; failure to submit timely reporting family size, income and changes in the housing; other violations of provisions on the management of public rental housing. No longer meet the lease conditions should surrender No lease of public rental housing tenant or no longer meet the lease conditions, should take the initiative to the operation and management bodies surrender application. Audited the lessee does not meet the public rental housing conditions, operation and management institutions should issue a public rental housing tenants of public rental housing Shouhui written notice. The lessee shall receive within 15 days from the date of the notice to vacate the rental of public rental housing. Temporarily unable to vacate shall be given a 3 month transition period, transition period total rent at market rents. Expiration of the transition, is still not vacate public rental housing by the operation and management agencies apply to court to force quit, and the contract shall be investigated according to their breach of contract.