This year 50 000 households will be Housing East policy by the new house the f
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Haidian District, Yanqing District for 5 years and so the largest 摇号, 22,400 policies will be a new house a family room. City living Construction Committee said that this year the city will have at least 50,000 families policy room. Yesterday, Haidian District, Shijingshan District, Shunyi District, Fangshan District and Yanqing County 摇号 placement policy with rent rooms, 1,400 low-rent housing waiting list, 21,000 housing price by the appropriate benefit from the waiting list will be admitted new houses. City Construction Committee responsible person to live, as of yesterday, the city this year, 05,000 low-rent housing with rent, placing 11,000 by the fitness room, room placement 25,000 limit from 46,000 fewer goals for 5000. "This year definitely over-done." The person in charge, as of yesterday, the city's policy of housing new construction has been completed 50,000 units, the total has exceeded availability, the end will increase. December, other counties will also be placed in succession with organizational policy Yaohao rental housing activities, this year the city will have over 50,000 families policy room. It is reported that the city this year to 1250 hectares for the construction of housing policy, and has completed sales of the market. One to two years duration according to projections, these projects will be listed in the next two years focus. Housing policy will show the number of the next upward trend, and over this year's supply. In addition, these policies will also appear in public rental housing, for the price of commercial housing and rental market will have an impact.