Idle property rental fee according to income is not wrong? Should pay the price
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Leased in May this year, the shops do not have to leave, and can be lifted to a formal lease contract in November, when the property also charged in May to 10 month period costs associated with the money that should pay it? Mr. Shaw is not confused the provincial capital residents Has been. November 9 last year, Mr. Shaw Plaza in Hefei Baoye textile facade rented a two room, bedding, home textiles business, was, and the landlord signed a one-year contract, while a six-month prepaid to the Plaza property to property management fees, but also There 2000 yuan deposit, and later because of poor management, he wanted to leave, another window-dressing business. May this year, Mr. Shaw decided to withdraw the shop, and told the landlord and property, the property and the landlord would let Mr. Shaw come together to lift the tripartite contract between the landlord has been busy since the contract has not been able to lift it, has been dragged 11 Expiration of the contract month. In the meantime, Mr. Shaw had wanted to sublet room facade, can not shot, the house will be empty in there. A few days before the contract expired, Mr. Shaw came to the property and the landlord to terminate the contract and ask for a deposit of 2,000 yuan, then told Mr. Shaw property, net of May to 10 months of property management fees and expenses of public consumption, the deposit can only be return 400. Mr. Shaw is not happy about it: "The house is no human use, but also charges ah." Po textile industry leader Charles Square property manager, said that although Mr. Shaw's window dressing room for a long time no use, but he failed to cancel the lease contract and the landlord, so the facade and public rooms of the property costs still need to spend the first Hsiao Students pay, "" Property Management Regulations "are rules, if he has doubts, we can communicate at any time." Cha said the manager. Price Bureau, said a staff member in Hefei, the price of shop-owners and property sectors between the charges and not clearly defined, mainly by the two sides agree on, but he believes that Mr. Shaw should be able to pay property fees and public Costs incurred. Counsel also said the property so there is no unreasonable charges.