Chan standard rental market is not pinch any punches either
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Housing hot issue is the livelihood of the moment, the face of high prices, officials and experts always come out from time to time to guide the public to establish the concept of rational housing consumption. The concept of the so-called rational housing consumption, in the present means " Rent. "Recently, the Housing and Urban Policy Research Center, Ministry of Construction Vice Renqin Hong said in an interview that China should learn from the successful experience of foreign countries, the use of legal norms the housing rental market. His remark has users began to vigorously refute: rent prices are market-determined, one is willing to fight, one is willing to suffer, why must seize control of it? Executive power can not control the extremely high prices, in turn, to control the rent Housing market, which is not specifically challenge any punches either squeeze it? Internet users rather with the emotional remarks, of course, to some extent can this kind of "emotional" in their definition of the onset point of dissatisfaction with the high prices. However, the prices go Prices, rents go rent, housing prices "spoiled" is not the reason the rent prices can be arbitrary. Juti in the Qin Hong recommendations, he believes the rental market with legal norms, which requires in the lease contract provides that "the contract period shall not Zhang rent", "Every time rate of rent increases may not exceed 3%," "shall not be forcibly aborted Contract "and so on terms, while the terms with the corresponding penalties to protect the interests of the tenants. Have to say, the domestic housing rental market can be described as "free." State regulation of prices for some time before the volume of housing transactions fell, the rent started to surge, there are media reports first-tier cities rose as high as 20% of the rent, tenants complain Not cope. Some media hype of this is because you caused, but also public opinion that this is a national regulation of prices and induced. Caused skyrocketing rent, for whatever reason, imagine, if the country can have a relatively sound legal to Regulate the rental market constraints, this situation will emerge?