Sing of celebration housekeeping blooming flower of civilization
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September 30 evening, the city housing the National Security and Housing Authority welcome variety show ─ ─ "The Song of the housing management people," staged a grand theater in Yangzhou. In the brightly lit theater, housing people gathered together, singing and dancing, a visual feast devoted to show the room's unique style of managing people.
The party is divided into happy homes, warm window, poetic dwelling three chapters, in the hope that the prelude to the journey to the theme song "house of managing people and you walk all the way," the opening to large-scale song and dance "sunshine on the road," ending, through song and dance, comedy, Pinghua, reading and other forms, show the pioneering and innovative housing management people, entrepreneurial spirit, who do solid work, housing management outlines, as one people's image.
"Youth mapping human" housekeeping concert shows often work against the wind, hard rain to the scene; song "Foolish Old Man," sing the housing management of people brave, well-being for the people the firm determination and indomitable spirit; Yangzhou words "just waiting for the groom," about the housing management window, workers are busy working in the wedding day the bride forgot the story, showing the housing management service in the first place people have the spirit of the people; a majestic poem recitation "of the party Qing Guang Ha warm million "praise the Housing Authority for the people to live in peace glorious achievements, expressed the love for the housing management industry; tap dance, street dance, modern dance, to show the housing management's youthful vitality. Party scene, the two low-rent housing tenants will be under the care of their government in the housing management's efforts, have their own homes, and lived a happy life scenarios meanders, simple words full of the work on the housing management sure, the hard work of the housekeeping workers to thank.
Wonderful to perform on the stage, crystallization of the wisdom of housing management and sweat. To this variety show, housekeeping workers in the busy work day, seize the time for all rehearsals. With this stock momentum, housing people with enthusiasm and patience to write windows services warmth, interspersed with efforts to maintain and Luk Yeung Poetic Living City, with hard work and write a unique charm and progressive chapter!
In the party scene, singing, laughter, applause after another, from the smiling faces in the audience see that the Taiwan wonderful party, who sang harmony housing management, housing management who demonstrate character, indicating that the housing management of people glory of confidence and determination.