Yangzhou introduced policies to encourage the construction of public rental
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 19, Yangzhou City, authorities said, the city issued policies to encourage various types of parks, enterprises, social and economic organization to participate in public rental housing investment and construction, and operation of public rental housing, the implementation of market-oriented operation and management.

The policies that defined the city, the industrial enterprises out of the existing provisions of the administrative office and service facilities land area, according to industry projects will be within 7% of the total area of a standard to build public rental. The construction method, the enterprise can be self-financing, fund raising, or joint-stock form to be addressed. Social and economic organizations in cooperation with business investment or direct investment enterprises to build public rental. Enterprises can also be acquired directly from the market, ordinary commodity housing, resettlement or unused room, as the enterprise of public rental housing.

Districts, development zones and various parks can be idle in this area house adjusting resettlement purposes, into public rental housing. It also can move Guapai conditions in the land clear, the real estate development enterprises in accordance with the planning and construction of public rental housing requirements, in accordance with common commercial housing projects built with 5% in public rental housing.

Policy also provides, in accordance with this model of public rental construction, built after the decoration to be simple, and have occupancy conditions, free of charge to the City, affordable housing development center operated by a unified management.