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In the numerous gens that rent a settle or live in a strange place, a batch of such active youths. After they are born in 80 years, have great ideal and be willing to struggle for it. They mostly just college graduate, income is finite, hire a room to live and be certain can become independent completely. In face the hire that rises increasingly, they still can find the way of life that suits their, close hire it is among them gradually popular, had become a kind of fashion even.

The newest data that loves my home to offer according to me shows, close at present hire in overall the proportion that in renting, has is larger and larger. Look from the clinch a deal renting circumstance October, close hire had occupied 10% above, the person that has nearly 8% among them is the 80 young gens after.

They choose to add up to the reason that hire to basically have at 2 o'clock: It is they just work, income is inferior, below the circumstance that rises continuously in hire, close hire can save their basiccest life cost; Additional, person of their this generation has the disposition characteristic of optimistic, extroversion, be good at communicating unwilling loneliness, close hired them bigger show a space.

I love my home statistic to show, of Beijing close hire a phenomenon to basically be centered around Haidian area and ZhongGuanCun area. Because these two are college and high-tech industry,collect an area, because this a lot of people want,the choice rents a house here. They choose those who hire to close door model many 70 ~ the 80 two house of smooth rice, hire price is in 2000 ~ 2800 yuan / · covers the month.

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