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Regard an estate intermediary as the handler of the orgnaization, young more than young lady has matched several pairs of opposite sexes to close the friend that hire. Meanwhile, she also is the opposite sex adds up to a … in hiring gens…

Close to the opposite sex hire, the experience with original what and wonderful point of view does more than young lady have? Come to be the question that how answers us see her!

1. Is “ the same as ”=“ cohabitational ” ?

Be about to correct a such formulations above all: The opposite sex closes hire ought to make “ is the same as ” and ought not to call “ cohabitational ” . The truth is very simple: The both sides that lives together or a few, no matter the same sex still is the opposite sex, everybody is to live together merely just, thing of other without other what, especially that meaning with implicit place of “ cohabitational ” . Why should emphasize this issue technically? Because this and I have personal concern: Myself is the same as ——— to ought to say with the term of nowadays popularity in the opposite sex close for “ opposite sex hire ” . “ opposite sex closes hiring cohabitational ” of ” and “ is two things completely.

2. In psychology and publicly, can you add up to the opposite sex really hire and does the same sex close like hiring, inspect be like common?

Endless also like that, still be distinguished somewhat after all. How does this thing let my Mom know for instance, I used strategy.

Alleged scheme glance comes simple also, no more than is practise deception, successive. Just began I say only in the phone for be economical, want to close with the person rent one suite, but saying is male it is female. Because I had had a same sex twice to close before,hire, so my Mom nature feels this affirmation still is female. After occupy goes ask what I am doing in my Mom phone sometimes, I am cooking with house with respect to compose a quarrel. Time grew, when she feels I am mixed get along quite well with house, once I am like unmindful ground by the way sentence: “ Mom, do you know? My adding up to the person that hire is male. ”Result, my Mom said a “ only, be male ah ” , also did not say again other. Her quiet main reason is the moral that she believes her daughter adequately, also know with her I had had a boy friend to concern.

3. If the house is rented in home town Changchun, can you choose the opposite sex to close hire?

Affirmative won't, friend of classmate of friend of so much kin, smooth society pressure I also am overcome. And in Shenzhen I am in charge of going to myself only, work in the same placing also do not ask more. But the state-operated that stabilizes quite in those is enterprise or business I won't join the unit hire.

4. Experienced two female after be the same as house, why should choose a man?
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