Nonlocal university is inborn deep exercitation is short-term room source closes
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During summer vacation, next Shenzhen austral a lot of undergraduates that come from and other places of Hubei, Hunan, Henan work or undertake jackarooing taking exercise. Stay in Shenzhen 9 months, eating problem is good solve, and lived to become difficult problem.

   Exercitation student rents short-term house hard

Miss Lin is big 2 students, the college attends in Wuhan, plan of summer vacation time jackarooes to Shenzhen a month, anxious of the problem that rent a house is before very long period of time. “ is original I am to want a classmate to help search, but the classmate is right here the circumstance that rent a house also is not to understand very much, still get oneself to seek a room finally. ”

Then forest source of room of classmate online search, those who make her disappointed is, most house-owner sets lowermost lease for 3 months longer even, do not be willing to rent the house her. One sky of “ midday, I release the information that rent a house on the net, did not think of to reply with respect to somebody afternoon, call when me when the inquiry, the other side hears I hire a month only, rented not gladly. ” is helpless under, miss Lin is forced to relied on the kin that is in Shenzhen to solve housing problem.

But, either all transients that come to Shenzhen are lucky like Miss Lin, a lot of moment, they do not know to should stay in where. A Zhu Tongxue tells Hunan university the reporter, she also plans to jackaroo in Shenzhen originally, but because did not lease appropriate building, answer Changsha so. She says: Him “ gets online sought a lot of rooms, also sought a lot of room through intermediary, but most landlord is not willing short-term rent, those who be willing to hire too expensive. If live hostel is common perhaps hotel, come price on the high side, 2 will worry about inadequate security, family can worry about me. ”

   House-owner is right short-term hire a guest to not be at ease

South a mountainous area in Mr Xu that loves a garden tells a reporter, his building is empty all the time, the hope can be found hire suitably advocate. He is not willing to rent short-term the main reason that rents a settle or live in a strange place: It is to be afraid of a trouble, 2 it is to hiring the guest is not at ease. A Yin says landlord of village of mountain peach source south, she is to mix hire a guest to live together, if hire a guest to hire a month only, after hiring a guest to take away, she should change a lock afresh, very troublesome. Right short-term rent a settle or live in a strange place, she is not so be at ease. Because short-term hire a guest to did not stabilize a profession normally, go to house lease, always meet be nervous.

Live in likewise south Mr Wu of hill says, at present he has two flatlet, one oneself live, one is taken rental, to short-term rent a settle or live in a strange place, he will be very discreet. He feels short-term and rental to be not stabilized, likely this month lease went, cannot find a person to hire temporarily next month, the building is empty buy. Short-term to coming before exercitation undergraduate rent a house, mr Wu expresses to be able to consider to rent, premise is at least must hire two months.
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