The be economical that rent a house 3 small doohickey
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Enter July, because this city reachs nonlocal this year's graduates to swarm into the market that rent in succession, and a new term, as a result of enter a higher school or fluctuant, student parent begins in succession “ changes room ” , the market that rent begins to enter a small peak since the summer. Right now a lot of demand person to rent a house in time, often a few characteristics of the oversight market that rent, also be too busy to compare the petty difference of each area hire, spent money of a few injustice thereby, for this, center of research and development of market of ” of real estate of “ catenary home summed up the small doohickey of a few be economical that rent a house, offer consumer reference.

   One, go along the subway, escape each big trade group can save 300-1000 every months yuan

The concept that encircles in Beijing business is thorough already popular feeling, house property should encircle relevant with business only, as if plating gold is same archives of on leap up a few prices, hire more become do not poor. Group of Beijing's at present bigger new old trade includes princess grave, ZhongGuanCun, inferior abstruse, market of garden of Yan Sha, CBD, Mu Xi, banking and Ma Liandao, and the apogee that the building hire of these central area becomes this radiate area generally. Accordingly, center of research and development of market of ” of real estate of “ catenary home thinks, the choice goes to its center to make aperient triumph inside radiation area, it is better that by car time regional price compares the margin inside 30 minutes. If the person in CBD office is OK eastwards outspread to connect a city to rent a house, in CBD for instance double well rents a house, 2 bedrooms need average house 2500-3000 yuan / month, 3 house are in 3500 yuan / lunar left and right sides; And delaying 8 lines to go to east, area waits in the operatic circle that tell a state, orchard, same 2 bedrooms, need 1800-2200 only yuan / month, every months of can economic 300-800 yuan differ; 3 house 2500 yuan / the month can be hired, save every months can amount to 1000 yuan. Of course, live the traffic expenses that tells a state wants some taller, live in connect a city to ride instead of walk with the subway, live double well with public transportation ride instead of walk, with every months 22 weekday go back and forth between computation, live double well can save 35.2 yuan (2*22-0.4*22) , with place economic hire photograph is compared oneself can ignor.

   2, close hire choose three-room flat, apportion hire but little 100-300 yuan / month

The capital market that rent is very huge, close hire phenomenal everywhere to see, the undergraduate that graduates every year especially, suffer economic condition to restrict, often choose to close hire; In the meantime, 3 house living number is much, close hire a crowd to be willing to choose 2 house more, the demand that fashions 2 house accordingly is the biggest. In the Fangyuan that rent, of 2 house put an amount the biggest also; But, center of research and development of market of ” of real estate of “ catenary home thinks, from the point of the angle of be economical, close rent 3 house more be to one's profit, live with 1 1 factitious exemple, apportion arrives the rent on every tenement is average can little 200-300 yuan. For instance the area in peace 2 house 2300-2500 yuan / month, 3 room rent is in 3000 yuan commonly / lunar left and right sides. Of 2 house add up to the person that hire his apportion hire makes an appointment with 1150-1250 yuan, the hire of 3 house apportion is 1000 yuan, can save 150-250 yuan. Apartment savable hire is more, visit the average boarding house of Beijing for instance, 2 house 3500-4000 yuan / month, 1750-2000 of his apportion hire yuan; 3 house are in 5000 yuan / lunar left and right sides, his apportion hire 1666 yuan, can save 86-334 every months yuan. And water and electricity is gas charge respect, as a result of the person grow in quantity of apportion, the real cost of everybody also can drop.
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