Hire room marriage to break through buy room marriage " chains " still need time
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Compatriots marriage should pick day of auspicious day good people, 2008 is an Olympic Games year, festival have commemorative sense again, a lot of young lovers hope to get married in this year. The nature that marries to be able to be short of least of all is marriage room, nevertheless the house price of tall now look forward to let a lot of new personality make anxious. Working hours is short, capital actual strength is finite, can not afford a room, then, the lover that the part prepares to marry thought of the means of flexible, marry first in the building that leases, the force that joins 2 people later buys a house again. Center of research and development of market of ” of real estate of “ catenary home thinks, the opposite perch of house price is one of causes that cause a lot of young lovers to hire room marriage, stem from the consideration with limited fund, the appearance that really partial new personality is forced to choose to hire room marriage exists, but this kind of phenomenon did not form a kind of trend, the idea that compatriots buys room marriage is confirmed still.

3 gist element props up consumer to buy room marriage concept

According to real estate of “ catenary home ” hires the investigation that the client of the room has to 200, what be a purpose in order to marry among them is only 4 people, scale is only 2% ; This and the corresponding period differred last year and not quite, show the phenomenon that hires room marriage exists, but did not appear to rise apparently. Center of research and development of market of ” of real estate of “ catenary home thinks, room marriage is hired to did not form tide below tall house price, with the following at 3 o'clock be closely bound up. Above all, the idea that compatriots marries again to having a house is confirmed, especially the development as the times, the woman is taller and taller to conjugal requirement, among them important is a house, this is reality and not allow to ignore; Next, the youth that marries at present with 80 hind generation is given priority to, it is a singleton more in the home female, general when buying a house metropolis gets the capital of bilateral family supports, this also is to prop up a lot of youths to marry the main reason that buys a house; The 3rd, although the country is right the adjusting control of estate market still hasten is close, and ensure the supply of housing also propped up what income crowd waits in the part to buy room demand, but because go two years,house price rises quickly, and Beijing housing demand still compares tigidity. Accordingly, center of research and development of market of ” of real estate of “ catenary home thinks, below the condition that did not reverse in the support of ideal dominant, capital and market, buying room marriage still is current the first selection of a lot of new personality.

“ of youth have a taste of what is just in season hires room marriage ” , advocate choose 3 kinds of area
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