The new edition contract that rent is carried out 9 express to welcome into the
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Recently, build appoint announce execute new edition building to rent contract and building to rent a contract to register in the round since June 1 put on record make. " Beijing building rents a contract " demonstrative text is rental to proper motion orgnaization of broker of the residence, estate is between two parties clinch a deal and orgnaization of the building representative that rent rents the building rented a contract 3 kinds to be made respectively adjust newly.

In the new edition contract that rent, rent to local building service department or building administration department deal with the contract that rent to put on record inside 7 days when rent except clear proper motion the beard of the building rises in the day that signs a contract of formalities outside, be in to estate broker orgnaization and orgnaization of rental building representative rent the renting contract in trading to register put on record system make specific standard, put forward acting building to execute ” of “ special account to delimit turn capital. Of the new edition contract that rent roll out the responsibility that aims to rent both sides and intermediary clearly and rights and interests while, normative and whole house rents the market.

I love Beijing the authoritative orgnaization that company of broker of my home estate regards a building as rental representative, carry out seriously to this policy carry out, new edition building rents a contract to carry out a week, particular case is:

   ” of “ special account delimits relet gold gets bear hire square consistent welcome   

Newest " Beijing building rents a contract (broker orgnaization representative clinchs a deal edition) " the requirement rents both sides and broker orgnaization clearly in the contract, must delimit through ” of “ special account relet gold. This regulation got broad client welcomes consistently, the fund that passes a bank superintended effective ground to avoid illegal intermediary divert hire or the abscond that carry a money damage client interest to violate compasses act. I love “ my home ” expresses, this regulation is carried out it is not difficult to rise, get bear the consistency welcome that hires square client, state capital superintends disappear to hand in the apprehension of safe respect besides hire in succession. Additional, 90% rental owner are willing to pass ” of “ special account to delimit turn ensure safe collection hire, only little part owner fears capital superintends the time of hire of collection of incur loss through delay, to pay cost of 5% integrated tax does not understand, but the explanation that carries a staff member, also express to be able to be accepted.

   Help client has done intermediary to rent seriously register put on record

I love “ my home ” expresses, register to what set in the contract of new edition building that rent put on record make, estate is between two parties clinch a deal with the representative accomplish sign in the contract that rent 3 be declared in time in a few days and register. To between two parties clinch a deal, I love “ staff member of my home ” informs a client to fill in seriously the building circumstance that rent and register put on record, remind owner to conclude the building rents the sun of the contract rises 7 days oneself inside, to local community conduction building of personnel coming to Beijing and building service station rents the formalities that register.
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