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Secondhand this year the building is rented active

Nowadays in September, let a person see secondhand what building city returns ” of existence “ opportunity of survival is, the market that rent still is going flourishing. Although be belonged to in in former years off-season 5, June, because of,the renting market this year also is done not have off-season and weak, and it is to walk along flourishing all the way, price quantity is very smooth. Many landed intermediary admit management income comes from for the most part at hiring city commission, especially the business of 90% comes from small-sized and landed intermediary rent.

The personage inside course of study is forecasted, the meeting hiring city of Fosan continues flourishing goes down, this year is a “ hires ” year, “ wishs to hire wishing to buy ” is place secondhand in building city apparent phenomenon. But, a few large and medium-sized the industry public figure of intermediary expresses however, their business still relies on to trade buying and selling, although rent the market relatively good, but cannot saying is a “ hires ” year, can say the market that rent is more active only.

   Small-sized this year landed intermediary

9 come from into business rent

This year, since March, the person that a large number of working needs to rent a house, the renting market of Fosan appears piece very exuberant trade picture. Even if arrived in former years is belonged to off-season 5, June, hire city still active, and hire still has rise.

“ is off-season also be busy season ” greatly beyond the expect of landed personage. The personage inside course of study expresses, will look according to in former years, be being belonged to after May is secondhand the busy season of building business, this paragraph of time, the market that rent will be relatively a few weaker. Renting the market to take the account with the largest flourishing all the way this year is, secondhand building business market is weak, a lot of people wish to hire do not wish to buy, with respect to the cent that join a department the house-owner that tear open change is not eager to buying a house, they hire a room to live first, choose suitable house slowly again; Landlord also answer city changes a plan, resale is hire. Many landed intermediary admit, their management income this year comes from for the most part at hiring city commission, especially the business of 90% comes from small-sized and landed intermediary rent.

As landlord people put in succession hire, the increase of room source supply on the market that rent, but till August, room source is very adequate, but hire valence to did not drop apparently accordingly. To this, according to personage of Fosan all-round victory the analysis has all directions side, it is the growth of Fosan economy, white-collar liquidity is strong, accelerate a city to hire room frequency; 2 be 7, August, the college graduate that just entered a society considers to rent a house above all, the climax that rent a house is during this; 3 it is to hire city to be opposite single room, one room of one hall door model need is very big, but these door model room source demands exceeds supply, drove other door model of the house hire quickly put.
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