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Because of allergy landlord often " pay a visit " , one female tenement plunges into landlord serious injury with the knife, current, because this woman is suspected of intended harm already was being detained by criminal of substation of room hill public security. Police of the hill that seize a house introduces, on Feburary 23 afternoon 5 when make, substation of room hill public security shows case covey to receive masses Lei Mou to call the police say: Oneself father is plunged into by female lodger Jing Mou, now hospital emergency treatment, have life risk. Subsequently, the Jing Mou that waits in the hospital is controlled by the policeman. Jing Mou says to the policeman, she hires the house of landlord Lei Mou to had had a few months, lei Mou often comes over to look for her to chat, it is a few hours a little. Jing Mou says, controlled at 2 o'clock on Feburary 23 afternoon, lei Mou shacks to its as usual again the ground and its chat, she feels to feel disgusted very, ask Lei Mou leaves then. Suffer refus never to be seen again of Lei Mou, the fruit knife beside is taken under him stretch, prick Xiang Lei's bosom. But see go out really finish sth, she sends her toward hospital rescue hurriedly again.

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