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Between us, lost any hopes eventually, ended thoroughly. Can you know I came? I stand in to the street, attended your wedding, those who imagining that sumptuous dinner is lively. Love you, hate you, wish you are happy however. The sweet sign of solemn pledge of love that she makes you is sweet character, I do not regret one sentence only help sb to fulfill his wishes. Helped sb to fulfill his wishes your today with tomorrow, helped sb to fulfill his wishes my leave a summer. -- Liu Reying " help sb to fulfill his wishes " at this late hour, I still remember at that time of college firm graduate, I and sky are overjoyed arranged baggage simply, move those who hire to to close with others be located in out-of-the-way, narrow the when scene in warm however apartment. We sat full the bus of a hour, go to appropriate home buying good in quality and cheap in price dot: Dish of cup of desk and chair, curtain, cushion for leaning on, water, bowl... that, we ramble tired, sit in reveal the white sofa with area unusual softness to go up, I point to those who wear more than 3000 yuan to mark a price the card says to him: "Dear, when waiting for us to marry, must buy to be placed in the sitting room! Man Xiaosui is put to spend cushion for leaning on above, one is spread on the ground greatly abb carpet... " that moment, we did not belong to our house, also do not have a lot of savings, but this does not hamper we look forward to future. Adding up to those who lease a building with us also is a pair of lovers, the university around is read big 4, the life is simple, daily give evening early to return. The girl calls small beauty, shanghai person, grow delicate and exquisite, look dress up the child that knowing is rich other people. Male friendly Xiaojiang comes from Hangzhou, lofty and handsome, nature is gentle, also know very much patronize a person. They also are our sublessor. To reduce rent burden, small beauty will close hire a request to be hanged on the net, this ability found sky the good place of this place be to one's profit. Small beauty and little river not cooking of arrogate to oneself, the dining room that often is in the school eats good farewell to come. The time that lives together however grew, after be familiar with slowly, they put forward to be able to pay " eat regularly in " it is here, because eat dirt the school and all round the meal of chophouse. I follow the person that sky is special volubility, how to want to agree. 4 people have a meal together, should the meeting is very lively, and, the breed of dish also can increase a few. My duty factor is freer, need not stay in the office normally, enough time prepares dinner. Actually, from at the beginning I like small beauty with respect to not very. Perhaps be her as a child the cause with respect to coddle since childhood, in the home she does what chore scarcely -- the sitting room is public, but since us after be being moved, it is my person is being arranged. Xiaojiang can help now and then, but because be in the university that applies for abroad, he all the time very busy, often not be in the home. The student of graduation class is very disengaged, small beauty is in the home when, besides see TV snack besides, also can gnaw GRE word. See I am being cleaned, not better than runs to appreciate a few, next complimentary: "The elder sister is really able, after the elder brother good good luck! " small beauty is mixed than me only sky is small a year old, "Elder brother " " elder sister " cry very however vigorously. We and little beautiful, little river, it is common nevertheless close hire a concern, I never had thought that meeting affects the feeling between I and sky. We are together full 4 years, quarrel countless times, even close to break with, but still insisted finally to come down, and discovery of all the more is respective important to each other. I and sky, ever imagining the setting when we marry how many times: Await in those days, we had been in this town is quiet come down, do not need costly marriage gauze to illuminate, do not need diamond ring even, just call friends to eat a meal together, simple good. Sky is feeling my head boast to cross me: Hum, it is the good wife of save worry letting a person really! We are in all the time try hard for that day, from what move that rises momently. But, be from when to begin, sky began to be far from my line of sight gradually, is the future that abandoned be us hit go all out? That paragraph of day, sky changed suddenly, to me conversation can appear absent-minded, everyday worry is heavy. He always is apologizing to me: "I am sorry, I am too busy... " job rose after sky works one year, pressure is greater, I tell myself to want to make allowances for his difficulty. To the negligence of clearly, I am bearing misfire, not interrogatory, just thinking all metropolises to improve, want to have hope to this paragraph of feeling. Until one day, I get the short message that sky hair comes to, say to the thing wants to talk with me, issued a class not to come home first, in the move such as the company he comes. In the office, the at hand of I and sky has telephone call direct dial, use mobile phone connection rarely usually so. The short message of that arise suddenly and blazing gravity mood, make me hit upon premonition bodefully. Together with eyelid all the time for no reason is jumpy, more heavy my uneasiness. That is to be in in those days by November, chu Dong season, night is very cool. I and sky are overflowed go in Bacchic street aimlessly, he does not deliver one speech, lower his head to walk merely. Through a hotel, the doorway parked a marriage car, bridal bridegroom is greeting visitor in cold wind, wear very few dress, so cold that with a rustle quiver. For the nervous atmosphere between alleviation, I pretend to be relaxed ground to say for fun: "Sky, after us but cannot choose marry in big winter, you so be afraid of cold! " sky raises a head to look at me silently, in conceiving my invade suddenly, in succession said 5 times " I am sorry " . Actually, before he has not started to talk, I had guessed a few minutes. Make an appointment with me to come out in sky before today, little river wherefrom is covered moved in the house. He is very indignant, throw the door heavily, but did not destroy the any in the home. That night, small beauty her all GRE exams reviewed a data to be thrown from the window. I did not know what to happen after all between them, but I believe firmly that is an end. I hear small beauty summary belt to cry the sound of antrum, she says, she fell in love with others. Sky worked overtime that day, come back very late, when my report listens to him, he is not interested it seems that. That should be we and this after living together to the lover, a the most earthshaking thing that produces in the home, the inhospitality of sky appears not accord with general reason. I am very interrogative, because he also is participated in,the reason that also cannot think of he is indifferent anyhow however is unexpectedly among them -- he is early with respect to know the inside story. Sky says, the sort of relation of he and small beauty, had lasted several months covertly. Once, in advance of company power failure comes off work, after he comes home, see she carries a word on the back on the sofa that the individual lies in the sitting room, wearing very transparent bud silk night clothes. She sees him, shallow laugh, evade none, be like is to be this to had made preparation momently from beginning to end. She is greeted to him, and he, also do not control oneself. "I put ashamed regret to your heart, tell you without courage all the time however, because I still am loving you... I am very contradictory, but I did not turn round, she had left Xiaojiang for me, she can go to the United States together along with him originally. " before me, sky first time is incoherent. He seems to be able to say only: I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry... in fact, between I and small beauty, sky can choose her, did not make me feel questioningly. There is money very much in small beautiful home, can let him need not so painstaking have the job with the house that belongs to oneself, car and rich and generous pay -- he not only found wife, also found make a flight of stairs of his rapidly go up in the world. Two people are together, can have the reason besides love of a lot of eliminate, these reasons, occasionally even overweight love itself, caused the betray of of course. That day in the evening, sky did not go back together with me. He says, the situation of 3 people is too embarrassed, he does not know how to be faced. I ramble in disorder everywhere, arrange a mood, when arriving home close already before dawn, discover to there still is the lamp in the house however. Small beauty sits in sofa classy I, red eye. I look at her, also do not restrain oneself resentment again, conveniently takes the magazine on the desk to throw the past toward ground of her firm firm, "Roll your room, do not let me see you again! " small beauty is not sheered, just crying to beg me to help sb to fulfill his wishes she and sky, help sb to fulfill his wishes their feeling. "Help sb to fulfill his wishes? " I sneer, "Feeling is not to help sb to fulfill his wishes come. He should be together with you, I do not have any rights that prevent! " " help sb to fulfill his wishes " , that is I get stuck every time with sky when pulling OK choose an item surely. I return a room, this song is found in computer, put over and over. I like tea with milk to diffusing slight distressed sound. I had sung this song to had listened countless times, be tired of almost, but never resemble this, relapse instead answer, listen so that burst into tears. Can you feel to lose one's head? The man that knows when you the ability that depends on you also cannot make you the deepest love again returns you beside. Even if is to cry to be mentally and physically exhausted, door leaf of painful thorough heart, won't somebody will save you. This moment, you only raise corners of the mouth, speak stubbornly to help sb to fulfill his wishes. That is how brave pose ah -- either love submissively lets a person, know eventually however, unlock a hand, because want to make oneself flounce off,be manacle go ahead, because also do not have other options again,be. I do not know end why should be the wedding of sky chosen in the winter, he is southern, be afraid of especially cold. Listen to a friend to say, because the bride had pregnancy,the likelihood is, must take the advantage of still not " the dew that show hill " do a ceremony quickly. I did not receive invitation, plan that a few days originally, use winter vacation, look for a quiet place to hide his, but finally, in that unusually cold night, I want suddenly to looked in the past. I just want to glance, that I once loved the man that pass greatly. That perhaps is last. When seeing sky, I had written down not clear earphone in " help sb to fulfill his wishes " put the a fewth times. Hear auditive coma so, lachrymal gland also is met lose function. The Shanghai December is really cold, what can warm oneself exclusively is the smoke of labial edge, ignite to catch. I am opposite with respect to silently station street, stand in darkness. Small beauty is very beautiful, cheongsam of a suit red, draw the outline of a line properly. Sky very cuddle of ground of show solicitude for is worn she, wear business suit of a black, it is again cold it seems that the about that also should hold back cold wind for the wife. I once thought so self-confidently, the station is in those who go up by the side of him side, regular meeting is me. Finally, this disappears in my line of sight eventually to the black Lincoln of new personality. Should they be to come home went? Before I remember two years, had said to sky in appropriate home, want to buy that more than 3000 yuan sofa, put Man Xiaosui to spend cushion for leaning on, one is spread on the ground greatly abb carpet... sky once was laughing to say to me " good " . Do not know their home, can nowadays be such? Between us, lost any hopes eventually, ended thoroughly. Can you know I came? I stand in to the street, attended your wedding, those who imagining that sumptuous dinner is lively. Love you, hate you, wish you are happy however.

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