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Mr Li bought house of a marriage first year after year today, held wedding hind and bride one case May cheerful occupy new residence. Although look at house price feeling pleasedly still to rise ceaselessly some time ago, feel happy him skill is seasonable, can be every the month is close 4500 yuan still borrow pressure to make him a little demanding indeed. The Central Bank is added again recently breath, white gentleman says depressedly, rose in January next year, he should return 260 yuan every months more again. Actually, mr Li resembles in real life such every day tighten pants chatelaine still borrows money, live frugally, not dare the recreation, youth that dare not resign is absent a few. Live so tiredly everyday with its, to be inferior to change oneself idea, try the way of the life that rent a house. Go up in house price be more than hire to go up below the circumstance, accept " buy be inferior to hiring " , " fixed as change " the youth begins to be added gradually much, the room is being hired to live after marriage is happy likewise. Major youth just stepped a society before long, at hand saving is not very much, economic base is relatively fragile. Accordingly, blind and leasehold buy a room to cannot be taken. Hire a room to live first, etc the house is bought again after having certain economy actual strength, compare reason so. The be fond of according to oneself and bear ability, the room cause that there are all sorts of kinds on the market that rent at present can offer an alternative, 3 example offer broad youth reference under. Case one: Mr Zhang graduate student graduates, at present monthly pay 4800 yuan, he what be not Shanghai native just was mixed this year be in love old cummer got a marriage certificate. Compare through, young couple rented an one room finally in plum Gansu area door old labour room, lunar hire 1300 yuan, dress up one dirty simply to be new residence. Young couple feels very relaxed, economic pressure is not great, form a complete set of here traffic advantage, life is complete, often still can go to college of industry of grain of alma mater Hua Dong turning. After waiting to lay the professional program that went all out a few years to have ideal and economic foundation severally, consider to buy the issue of the room again. Case 2: Miss Tan does not like old labour house, feel the village does not have afforest landscape, room older, living environment lets a person raise the interest that does not have the life. She more deflection community of Yu Cixin room, because of its property management reachs the designated position, room newer, live comfortable. Accordingly, she and husband are in after marriage home of Shen Zhuang Huali rented a two houses, lunar hire 2600 yuan. Rise early to go in the village everyday, breathe fresh air, let her feel one day invigorative. Case 3: Mr Ma is " flier " , hua Dong work is supervised two years ago by head office clique to Shanghai. His home is in Beijing, do not plan to buy a house in Shanghai. The company leased an area in ancient north new developed area for him the apartment of 70 square metre, lunar hire 5800 yuan. His person lives major at ordinary times while, sometimes wife will visit also live here. He says, price of Shanghai region house is too expensive, rent a house pretty is actually good. The friend lets him buy a house in Shanghai, the subsidy renting a house that uses a firm still borrows money, he feels to do not have what meaning, still rent a house convenient save worry.

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