Recollect the gorgeous scenery on those bank of seaborne bottle
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Hire room diary, be like what I write had been the 2nd, actually so lazy like me person can decide to keep his diary then, it is not easy thing likewise, the diary always has feel and send, the yam that when doing not have feeling, draws up the thing that come always resembles basking in a head works, calculate tear at to drop front tooth to also do not taste the real taste that gives it. Wanted to move again immediately, the day that rents a house always leads a wandering life, it is after all in a house owned by a citizen that does not have central heating hibernate is one lets a person consider terrifying issue, think of a winter again can lacerate skin, the chill of thorough marrow, let a person shudder. When just be about to leave, the happy life that after-thought is here, have some of light think fondly of really. Although have two short months only, but this is another dak in life, when it is about to leave me far to go, do not abandon a bit. Worked overtime in the home yesterday drive draft to before dawn at 4 o'clock, walk out of hut, stand in the extend in outdoor corridor, some of coolish wind and move of the grass-blade after rain and clay fume sweet, what still have evening is halcyon... thinking all the time, after I leave can the night that somebody can see such beauty, arrive indifferently stand aloof from the worldly affairs, in the some day in the future perhaps meeting somebody stands in same place and me see night sky likewise, want to be overflowed likewise without wispy thing. The course that seeks new building as before painful, although before threaten does not seek intermediary introduction room, but the room source nature of intermediary wants much a lot of, this also is the person that I am badly in need of a house this, one the most effective helps careless. Nevertheless present oneself want scrupulous a lot of, after all 20, the cost seeing a room of 20 is accumulated rise, to I am this person that campus gives first, also calculate the amount with not small brushstroke. Be in eventually struggled ceaselessly after two chapel, found a room that admire in the heart. And imagining different place exclusively with me is: Adding up to the new landlord that hire is a schoolboy. Does the opposite sex close hire? I had not wanted to be able to have such life really before, always feel to close with the schoolboy hire mysterious like the incredible story, just, cannot think of, I became one of heroes of the story. New landlord looks is very clean, anacreontic schoolboy, have one swarm " a gang of scoundries " . Ever very direct ask him this locality is aboriginal, he is cared about not at all, just bright laugh, say, it is half this locality aboriginal. Actually half it may not be a bad idea, more or less do I also have some of envy, after all half for, still also have the feeling of half home, unlike I, it is the seaborne bottle that does not have a root, taking be pleasant to the eye in people look seem insignificant dream, write down the gorgeous scenery on next bank. New home is very clean, very beautiful also, bright the look that bright floor tile can take a person almost, how is the life that does not know future met? Some are hesitant, also some expect. What should face nowadays is, how to say to want to leave with the grandma, although be simple merely,hire a concern, but the flavour of the sort of sweet home, I think I can be missed all the time, silent con is in the heart, face distance next, go receiving below one sealed scenery.

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