Retreat a room to get formaldehyde flavour to be fumed greatly run hire a guest
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Tenement: Formaldehyde exceeds mark flavour old from beginning to end to live two days only on July 8, miss Zhou is moved into bridal chamber, but trouble also followings sb's heels and come. "Odour is pungent, slow-witted time grew to shed tear, still headache. " after living two days, miss Zhou decides to leave a month temporarily. But at the beginning of August, when Miss Zhou comes back, discover a problem as before, after undertaking air quality detects, formaldehyde content is achieved 0.46, compare a level 0.12 exceed bid nearly 3 times. Miss Zhou finds intermediary company, after the staff member is examined to the spot, also approbate formaldehyde to exceed the fact of mark, but express to be able to give Miss Zhou to change office building only, retreat hiring is not possible. Miss Zhou encloseds ground for growing trees in the official near Guan Yuan 8 villages leased a building. Miss Zhou says, at the beginning of July when, she passes 21 centuries praedial intermediary company hired this to cover a house, the rent that paid one year and intermediary are expended. "When seeing a room at that time, there is the taste that decorate in house. " Miss Zhou says, what intermediary company takes her to look is bridal chamber completely, have taste generally, the staff member says with her the window is ventilated do not have a thing. Miss Zhou decides to rent a house no longer, but intermediary company shows, in deduct chummage of a month and penalty due to breach of contract of a month, at the same time intermediary expends the case that does not return to fall, can return a house to Miss Zhou. Intermediary: Do not retreat money to all because of landlord the requirement occupies week of young lady introduction, when she signs a contract, had pressed every months 3500 yuan of houses that paid a year expend 42000 yuan. According to contract provision, she lived a month should deduct 3500 yuan of hire, the break a contact that return a house should pay 3500 yuan of penalty due to breach of contract, jiashangzhong uprights already the cost of 3500 yuan of intermediary of collection, and the penalty due to breach of contract that landlord asks she pays a month again, miss Zhou loss achieves 14000 yuan. "House formaldehyde exceeds bid, attribute quality problem, why to retreat a room to receive my penalty due to breach of contract even? " Miss Zhou expresses to this very indissoluble. Gentleman of long king of store of shop of praedial official garden represents 21 centuries, the circumstance that the building formaldehyde that Miss Zhou hires exceeds bid is belonged to solid, but before this circumstance is being entered, intermediary also cannot expect. "We also know the difficult position of Miss Zhou, but house money has given house-owner, house-owner is not retreated, we also do not have method. " Mr Wang says, house-owner thinks Miss Zhou lived to just put forward formaldehyde to exceed mark to return a house after a month, and a month after issueing written specification just can retreat demand week young lady room, house-owner manner is very determined, intermediary also can be coordinated from which only. King inn is long tell a reporter, because formaldehyde exceeds mark to remove the issue of the room, this has been him the 2nd when handle recently. "In bridal chamber of a lot of hack, we discover this kind of situation is more general. " Mr Wang expresses, be aimed at this kind of circumstance, the company will be in the new edition contract that used on September 1, the building that adds house-owner to offer needs to obtain the provision of environmental protection standard, in order to guarantee each square benefit. The reporter dialed the telephone of house-owner Mr Liu twice subsequently, the other side all expresses to attending a meeting, inconvenience is received listen. Intermediary of lawyer argument house-owner all should be carried duty the Qiu Baochang's lawyer that returns Beijing of holding cost to collect beautiful attorney office expresses, outside be being used at hack building to want to amount to mark besides quality, the environmental protection standard such as air quality also should amount to mark, although this was not written in the contract, but the standard that the building short of that formaldehyde exceeds bid lives, violated legal regulation. House-owner, intermediary did not offer eligible house, the agree carries responsibility of breach of contract, reimburse Miss Zhou's total cost. "Miss Zhou still can advocate seek redress, and should not undertake any responsibility of breach of contract. "

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