What to pay cash pledge to should notice to nod? Attention building rents detail
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Ask: When signing the contract that rent what law problem needs to notice? Answer: According to our country " contract law " the 212nd, the contract that rent is tenant of consign of landlord general building, use by tenant, a kind of when accrual pays rent written agreement. The building rents a contract to serve as a kind of affirmatory contract, once both sides is signed,have legal sanction to bilateral party. So, both sides should understand problem of a few concerned law. The first, what is understanding a building to rent what the “ lessor ” in the contract points to. What “ lessor ” points to commonly is person of building property right, but not person of property right of be confined to. The person that always enjoys legal access to the building also but in order to be “ lessor ” . Accordingly, “ lessor ” also has the building that authority uses his to turn to be used by other. It is nevertheless before relet, the client should tell landlord, the ability after getting landlord agrees is OK relet. After relet, foregoing contracts that rent continue effective. If the 3rd person causes a building to damage, tenant must recoup a loss for you. The 2nd, basis " urban estate administers a law " , the building rents a contract to must want to put on record by management department of area house property. The 3rd, notice whether landlord hack building accords with the agreement on the contract, if discovery of after the event is not added, if building area, quality waits the conventional existence error with the contract a moment, the content of the symptom that should regard landlord as consign is imperfect, tenant can find out the responsibility of breach of contract of the other side. In the meantime, also can adopt written form to inform the other side asks to remove the contract perhaps talks things over reduce hire forehead to spend. The 4th, hire and property administration fee are the legal impact of two kinds of different ideas, cannot promiscuous. How to pay this two kinds of fee, best both sides adds in the contract concrete agreement gives in the condition. Ask: What to hire a room to pay cash pledge to should notice to nod? Answer: The client hires a room to want to pay hire and deposit above all, cash pledge basically is to be used at take out tenant to ought to be assumed but have not the relevant charge of consign. Cash pledge pays to more or less can consult after all the following kinds of states, include lease accident, building to decorate the element such as amount of home appliance of degree, furniture and value. At present the convention on the market is by detain of “ Fu San one ” standard pays deposit, those who point to is hire is first phase to pay by 3 months, pay hire of a month the deposit of amount at the same time. Pay how many detain to more or less all negotiate a decision by oneself by the both sides that rent after all about tenant, once negotiate a success to should be written down with written form,the key is. Tenant still must be written on the contract on of terminally hire pay time and means and responsibility of breach of contract of exceed the time limit, can the bank delimits account means delimits directly landlord under one's name, had saved relevant certificate. Ask: During renting, landlord goes out building guaranty, is this contract active? Answer: According to the regulation, hack building can undertake betray or mortgaging, behavior of this kind of guaranty does not affect the effectiveness of original contract. During rent inside if landlord mortgages the building,go out, tenant can continue, lessor can continue at the same time collection hire. Because cannot repay,be like landlord debt wait for a reason and sell off the building, tenant can continue according to the agreement of original contract. Ask: Both sides hires a room to agree the same term full already but have not renew the contract, does landlord rise in price suddenly be opposite? Answer:  of Kang of  of ǎ of Suo of to bring up of collect billabong discharge huts faithful  Zhu Huang cuts bed brilliant into parts to live virtuous  of W moss putting in order criticizes sb's faults frankly Jiao Hui of  of scepter of virtuous  calumnying  goes  envy is graceful?ldquo; of unoccupied place ㄎ is nonsked contract ” , also say both sides can remove at any time contract, and need not assume any responsibility of breach of contract. Below this kind of circumstance, landlord has authority to renew the contract no longer and requirement client is taken away. Nevertheless, he must inform a client ahead of schedule before, let a client a month controls time to search a house. Ask: The client is in rent period inside sudden death, whether does place autograph contract continue effective? Answer: This should look bear hiring a client is a few people, a person bear lease a building and live and a person bear hiring a few people to live jointly is different. If be a person bear lease a building and live, in rent period inside sudden death, the so original contract that rent with respect to invalidation. It is incorrect that the family that if not was together,lives at this moment asks to move rental building, unless landlord agrees; If be the word that a few people live jointly, so if someone else is like a requirement to continue to fulfill by the original contract that rent, landlord ought to allow. Ask: Street of  of Pao putting in order investigate the tip wishs  dusk? of virtuous  Se answers: The building can be changed to rent a contract below 3 kinds of circumstances, it is to rent the both sides after one party puts forward to give agree; 2 be bilateral somebody is rented to die suddenly during renting; 3 be during renting, building happening rebuilds, extend, demolish rebuild. Among them the 2nd kind of circumstance returns part of one's job: It is landlord dies suddenly, by the heir of person of building property right or afterwards suffers a person to continue to fulfil the contract that rent; 2 it is the client dies suddenly, its can continue to fulfil the contract that rent with living person in all before one's death. Continue to if be a few the individual's words,fulfil the contract that rent, ought to talk things over decide a tenant, next landlord can change tenant lawfully; If talk things over,be illogical, be in by landlord can continue to fulfill bear the philtrum that hires a contract appoints a tenant, later of former tenant live together before one's death the person still enjoys living right. The 3rd kind of circumstance cannot have lived as a result of building itself, landlord should negotiate change to rent a contract with tenant of course. Ask: Does the lot that rent a house close how to write additional requirement at the same time? Answer: Above all set a few conditions that oneself can be accepted and cannot accept, be the same as landlord again next consultative, strive for write a contract go in additional requirement. Can consider a few more the following condition, if like quiet, see house periphery be worn railroad, high wait for the installation with large noise with construction site; Those who like sun's rays, see a house whether Chao Na; Like comfortable dot, see hutch defend decorate the level that whether reachs you to wait a moment. See fixed installation again at the same time, like closestool, water heater, cooking range, take lampblack chance, enter the water, door window whether can run normally, these can serve as additional requirement to agree with landlord. What must notice is, deposit had better be in sign good contract and write on pay again after additional requirement.

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