Cost of rental room property closes by whose capture hire a room to need to note
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Rental room property expends whose capture to ask: After the building is rental, who buries sheet for property cost? Answer: " property regulation " regulation: “ disobeys property to serve contract agreement, owner exceed the time limit not pay property serves expense, owner committee ought to supervise and urge its deadline pay; Exceed the time limit still not of pay, property manages an enterprise to be able to be sued to people court. ” accordingly, property cost should be assumed by owner, by owner basis property serves a contract to be handed in as scheduled. After the building is rental, property expends in principle to still answer by owner pay, unless owner is in,classics property company agrees, deliver to property cost property company directly by tenant. Graduate closes hire a room to need to notice what ask: What does college graduate hire a house to want to notice to look? What should the contract notice? Close hire what problem should note again? Answer: Because college graduate works to be not stabilized, a few months are faced with the head probably change the job. Because this hires a room to note the traffic case of house periphery first, choose to have the subway or the place that public transportation station centers as far as possible, when so that change,working need not move often; The 2nd condition that should treat property, college graduate chooses the house of home appliance of family property of form a complete set as far as possible; The 3rd should see hire, the hire defray of a person had better be controlled in wage income 1/3 the following, can affect life quality high, press graduate is average now 2500 yuan / month, it is reasonable that the individual assumes 800 yuan of less than. The undergraduate because income is not high, can choose to close hire. But should notice to close hire a boy or girl friend, close with the acquaintance such as friend, classmate as far as possible hire. Close hire each to just want mutual respect, privacy of hands-off the other side. If stranger closes,hire should check original of card of graduation of the other side, Id to withhold Xerox, confirm the identity of the other side, know the fundamental condition of the other side. Chummage person should assume chummage jointly, of special attention is, close before hiring, should decide beforehand the apportion scale to charge, best and of all kinds expense executes “AA” to make, sign concrete written agreement, ensure avoid in the future talking around controversial issue.

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