The room is hired to the risk leaves a heart to be not cheated more on youth net
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The youth that needs to rent a house after graduation is increasing, then, get online the way that seeks individual room source to rent information became many youths to be happy to choose. Yesterday, miss Liu says to report of our newspaper hot line, the information renting a house that before long she publishs according to some website before and the other side are contacted, encountered one forges the false landlord of card of Id, house property however unexpectedly, and still cheated her one year hire. False landlord cheats the undergraduate that hire Miss Liu is strong last year finish school, in April the last ten-day of a month, she saw a renting that information “ rents plain cotton plant covers one living quarter on the net, every months 320 yuan of ” . Miss Liu passes the phone that leaves on the net and ” of “ landlord Chen Mou very quickly to get in touch, still saw a room personally, although the building is a bit old, but press present prices, want to search cover low-costly it is not easy to be held out, she decides very quickly to lease this next buildings. When the autograph hired room agreement on April 23, ” of “ Chen Mou brought original of his house property card, Id: “ my pa is the old worker of plain cotton plant, this house is the legacy that he leaves me. ” Miss Liu sees the name on house property card, Id be accorded with completely, signed a year to hire room agreement with ” of “ Chen Mou then, handed in chummage to increase deposit in all 4160 yuan hind, move into this house. On May 7, an adjoining eldest sister asks about Liu the young lady's chummage accidentally, hearing is every month 320 yuan, landlord is a boy hind, eldest sister may encounter even young lady weighing Liu cheater: “ landlord is old worker, but the family is alive still, how did bequest of one or two give a son? ” eldest sister helps the client that sought landlord, original, landlord leased the building to to call “ Wang Rou the boy of steel ” with every months of 400 yuan price on April 21, ” of “ king soft steel made two months hire and deposit only in all 1200 yuan. Miss Liu signed up for instantly alarm, the policeman is investigated, ” of soft steel of this “ king and ” of “ Chen Mou are anonym, house property card also is falsified. The room is hired to risk citizen takes care the discovery after the reporter is investigated more on the net, the information that rent a house is sought on the net more convenient, quick, especially hack of individual of a few owner room source, if the person that rent a house carries the phone that leaves on the net, get in touch directly with landlord, still can have discharged hundreds of yuan intermediary expend, because this gets a few person that rent a house, the undergraduate that just graduated especially favors. After the reporter logged onto the many websites that release the information that rent a house, register an user name, can release about the information that rent, and many websites need not be registered even, fill on information can synchronism is released. On these websites, also made clear a meaning to be avoided identically without an other place duty statement, for example this “ net provides the platform that releases information only, cannot be in charge of the specific examine and verify of information, all contradiction that rent a house and dispute have nothing to do with this net ” . The room is hired to have a risk on the net, how should the person that rent a house avoid to be deceived? The person that rent a house can choose what release rental information on the net to have the building medium with certain dimensions, good reputation, in encountering incident like Miss Liu, when can seeing a room, to community, neighbour or property management department, know the property right state with actual building.

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