The con legerdemain of the vigilant contract that rent rents a settle or live in
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It is to await house price to drop on one hand, it is to hire house price to had dropped on the other hand. For this many original plans buy the person of the room, began to walk into the market that rent. Nevertheless, as a result of the market that rent active, a few cheater begin to be moved to this market had crooked head. Current main legerdemain has two kinds, it is price difference of special diddle hire, 2 it is to use a contract to undertake con. So, how to prevent to hire price difference cheat? For this, the personage inside course of study reminds, dropping case takes in the price that rent, the person that rent a house had better be season pays rent, and do not want consign your writing year hire or half an year is hired. If want chummage of consign your writing really, can discern from the following landlord true bogus: Above all, ask landlord to show identity document, number of households and total population this original, because many cheater use false Id bunco now, and original and Xerox photograph are compared discern more easily. Next, ask landlord to show building right to belong to proof original, be like property right card or be use card, if property right card is in conduction process, ought to show what sign with unit of former property right to buy room contract so. Again, make landlord much introduce house and the state with circumjacent village, from house-owner of the understanding between the way one speaks or what he says the fundamental condition of whether hep house. Finally, from all round neighbour place flank knows building and landlord state, look to whether be belonged to solid. And to contract bilk problem, existence is at present most is ” of contract of “ yin and yang. ” of contract of “ yin and yang namely house-owner and tenement both sides avoid to achieve duty or other objective, a piece of contract is used when be being registered to concerned branch, through signing up for hire or the means that sign up for an area less less, drop bid of the contract that rent, sign up for low rent little pay taxes, call ” of “ in relief contract; House-owner and tenement sign a contract additionally, fulfill actually as the agreement that pays rent actually, call ” of “ shade contract. This practice sounds seem pretty good, the likelihood has escaped by good luck temporarily pay taxes, but as a result of this contract without registering, very non-standard, agreement is unidentified it is the circumstance such as oral agreement only even, in performing a procedure once produce issue, bilateral very it's hard to say is clear that is whose blame, the result can be to turn over only by accident oneself gold. Sign ” of contract of “ yin and yang, the circumstance that leads to the trouble between house-owner and tenement and dispute happens from time to tome. It is tenement presses ” of “ in relief contract to fulfill only sometimes, do not admit the existence of ” of “ shade contract; It is house-owner uses ” of “ shade contract sometimes cannot “ sees smooth ” , and mix ceaselessly charge of collection of ground of tenement concoct various pretexts. Accordingly, should special remind everybody, hire a room to had better seek normal intermediary company, cannot have an insatiable desire for pee.

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