14 action let the Jew that rent a house you are hired good in quality and cheap
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1, do not reveal pair of houses to have good opinion; 2, the landlord that tell already took a fancy to other hack house and preparation pays deposit; 3, the landlord that tell already took a fancy to other house and pay deposit, dan Yixi is joyous this building, whether again can cheap bit compensation already paid the deposit that cannot remove; 4, the defect that seeks a room ceaselessly asks to depreciate; 5, because of inadequacy of equipment of form a complete set, the requirement depreciates, or match neat 6, those who accuse oneself are very satisfactory, but family has other idea, hope cheap dot can solve a problem; Perhaps show the strong desire that rent a house, force the other side to depreciate;   7, taking ready money, say to want price to deposit pays on appropriate horse or be signed only about; 9, talk about no less than going to really, carry the leg goes, let rent square concern loses you this accurate lodger; 10, the price that uses other room is done quite, the requirement reduces the price again; 11, the capacity that tell is finite hire do not rise, the requirement is again cheap a bit; Regard reason; as   not quite with his economic capacity 12, become a good friend with landlord; Strive for to the top of one's bent take the best price; 13, room that sees much place differ, the   of price; with cheaper ascertain of make a feint to somewhere and attack in another place 14, remember, lodger also hopes to go to house lease quickly. If your time is not urgent, the time of protracted negotiation, grind slowly.

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