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Tell objectively, company of major estate intermediary is good, but there is no lack of have a few one who brings disgrace on his group, bad industry common practice, affected the reputation of intermediary. The personage inside course of study points out, this removes the small intrigue that complains model of dispute law intermediary. Actually, it is not quite difficult to should avoid to be deceived, while consumer learns ego to protect, complain even in time to concerned branch, treat control undesirable medium. Want to make clear a concept above all, the formal title of the intermediary that rent a house is " estate broker company " , its ask is to register fund 300 thousand yuan of above, have have " card of estate broker qualification " agent 4 above, have at the same time " industrial and commercial charter " and " letter of intelligence of estate broker orgnaization " two ability are a normal and legal broker firm. In the meantime, the service that intermediary provides should have act as agent as far as possible more for sale buildings choose with offerring a customer, pass the archives of test and verify, equipment, security that signs the method such as the contract to make sure the client buys a house, assure among assistance, do sth for sb loan, change the name of owner in a register obtains evidence wait for each to serve make sure customer more the save labour when the province, rent for investment client representative even etc. Concerned expert is raised for the citizen action, when renting a house in case again be deceived. One, the service pattern that compares each company integratedly, goods compares 3, be not handed in as far as possible or make gold seeing a room less or see room cost wait, lest produce issue. 2, should examine the other side to whether have industrial and commercial charter and letter of intelligence of estate broker orgnaization, should have in industrial and commercial charter " property acts as agent " this one management project, above two card are due also " the yearly check is eligible " seal. 3, before seeing a room with the company, should read the other side to offer seriously " intermediary representative contract " , this one link is crucial, want to find out you to think to after unreasonable clause and the other side discuss to change appropriate, sign again, because once sign contract become effective, likely some of clause can is opposite in the future you are very adverse. 4, do not conceal a company to clinch a deal under the counter with agent individual. Some clients are economic intermediary to expend, pay rake-off to make sheet under the counter to agent, this kind of practice is not quite desirable. One of room cause news are company money, such doing had violated bilateral contract, can sue by the company; The broker of collection rake-off is secondly average moral level is low, you are certain after waiting for you to be entered likely not dare disclose, continue to ask for gold; Put in alien of collude of a few agent to pretend to be false landlord bunco at present thirdly, the decamp after racketeer, make the client suffers a loss for nothing nowhere chases after countervail. 5, when booking a room must the id card that oneself examine landlord, registered permanent residence this, original of house property card, a versatile person of 3 card all can pay. Although say intermediary company has the responsibility that examines certificate, but some agent are not responsible, so oneself must want to be examined personally, lest by false landlord bilk, in light of the experience that operates actually according to intermediary company, the bilk incident that appears commonly is landlord certificate not complete, and party was not on guard consciousness causes, want special attention at this o'clock. 6, the circumstance that once produce his,the interest is damaged, should complain to door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry or room canal bureau instantly.

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