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Yellow lawyer: This year the beginning of the year, my bear hired demesne building. Recently, I discover coating of the metope inside building house falls off in great quantities. Find property management when me when the company asks to maintain, property administrator lets me look for landlord, but it is OK that landlord tells me to say to repair again, but money must go by myself. Send a letter excuse me, the maintenance that who during renting, has a house is compulsory? Be landlord, lodger or property management company? Citizen health young lady health young lady: Because the maintenance of building interior does not belong to normal property to manage a company to serve limits, accordingly, outside there is extraordinary agreement in serving a contract except property management, property management company was not in charge of maintaining the obligation of building interior place. In owner or building use person asks to provide this service when, property management company has right separately collection upkeep costs. Concern the provision of code at present according to our country, lessor ought to rent content consign tenant according to conventional general, maintain the content that rent to accord with conventional utility during rent. Lessor ought to fulfil the maintenance obligation of the content that rent, but the except that party has an agreement additionally. Accordingly, if you and landlord are in the contract that rent,to the building maintenance does not have an agreement, because you are used,not be undeserved those who cause, landlord has the obligation of maintenance. You can ask landlord is maintained inside reasonable time directly. If landlord was not in those who fulfil maintenance obligation inside reasonable time, you can entrust property management company to undertake maintaining to the building. On charge, you can manage upkeep of enterprise pay for sb and expect to be repaid later to property first, the debt that asks landlord pays you place pay for sb and expect to be repaid later next is direct perhaps give in hire deduct. Additional, concerned code returns a regulation, because maintain a building to affect what tenant uses, tenant still can ask to reduce hire to perhaps extend lease accordingly to landlord; If the building endangers the security of tenant healthy perhaps, tenant still can remove at any time the contract that rent. Accordingly, if because the building maintains those who affected you to live,be used, you still can advocate relevant rights and interests to landlord.

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