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Recently, company of a few intermediary is in the advertisement that rent a house, hit " avoid commission " banner. The reporter is in visit displacement of golden abundant easy house, main rooms, my love my home, 21 centuries are praedial after waiting for company of intermediary of building of on Shanghai many brand, discovery " avoid commission to rent a house " the mystery is heavy, the skill that buy the home is even careful. "Avoid commission " it is sales promotion catchword only " avoid commission to rent a house " intermediary company clerk to author acceptance, to them the company rents a house, the month hires 3500 yuan of above avoid pay middleman's fee; 3500 yuan the following, 8 lose privilege. But " I love my home " Meng Jun of market promotion manager says, be in Shanghai, the month is hired in 4, of 5000 yuan of above in high-grade house property rents trading commission is assumed by landlord, and hire to the month in 4000 yuan the following in cheap house, it is the middleman's fee that fluctuation home pays 50 % each commonly, no matter pay the means of commission how agile, avoiding commission completely is impossible. A few intermediary are so so called " avoid commission " it is sales promotion catchword nevertheless, buy the home dilettantely for the sake of attracting. "Avoid commission " those who earn is price difference market on another some " the intermediary that avoid commission " acceptance avoids commission to both sides, put forward even " cash is bought " , the backside actually of this kind of behavior is hiding bigger trap. These intermediary use owner to be eager to will secondhand the room is covered now, the psychology of covet save trouble, do one's utmost depress house price hangs out his shingle, perhaps claim prepaid to owner 80 % or the house money of 60 % buy house property, selling next secondhand price of drive up of flavour of the another when the room, carry this differentia price, the money that they earn often wants than commission much. For instance an owner is leave out the commission of 2.5 % , hang 500 thousand yuan of houses " avoid commission " intermediary company, intermediary with under market price 20 thousand yuan price persuades his to hang out one's shingle, next again with tower above market price 20 thousand yuan price sells next homes, such intermediary companies gain profit actually 40 thousand yuan, if press standard collection commission, intermediary can the fluctuation home commission of gain does not pass gift seventeen thousand five hundred yuan. "Avoid commission " after all likelihood basis " about this city estate intermediary service collects fees announcement " wait for concerned regulation, the building rents a representative to collect fees, no matter clinch a deal length of the time that rent, all come to clinched a deal in January by half moon hire forehead standard, talk things over by both sides agreed one-time plan close. Building business representative collects fees, by clinch a deal of price total 0.5 - 2.5 % plan close. Estate broker is expended by estate broker orgnaization to client collection. The reporter understands in company of intermediary of much home house property, intermediary company everyday the profit of cost and the company such as hire of inn of expense of operation expenses, personnel, door, advertisement, fixed assets and development capital basically come from commission. Do not collect middleman's fee, how does intermediary company survive? "In the long run " , those are hit " avoid commission " or be " help you freely rental building " , " buy house one yuan " what the intermediary company that waits for banner plays is to change a concept secretly actually, covert the trick of marry again. Accordingly, the person that the building leases shop, do not want to be expended to save a bit intermediary, and fall " avoid commission " trap.

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