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The friend should come to Shanghai buy course of study, let me help him carry set secondhand room, I dare not slight, spread out whole town to be searched greatly instantly. It is the advertisement on the net above all, can search circuit to come down, also do not have the progress of materiality, that is to say, did not accord with almost " core line week meets with, two rooms two hall, 600 thousand yuan or so " of these conditions. Busy, empty-handed, then disgruntled abandon. Examine the house property advertisement on the newspaper next, kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person, took a fancy to an area length peace eventually, make a price 640 thousand, a sector of an area is quite nice, decorate pretty good also, room accord with a requirement. Wanting to answer the sheet below the company with intermediary, the entrance guard of the village tells me stealthily, this house landlord is actual make a price just 580 thousand! Have the price difference of 60 thousand unexpectedly, those who held total house price is close very one of! Very black! Not bad entrance guard guards a pass to me, otherwise, I but be murdered is miserable. If my trade is rushed buy, the friend does not know inside information, still think I " behead is ripe " -- , those who have a friend is white feed! When seeing a room later, how long a heart, write on paper on my connection means, the conveniently when going out is stickup on the iron gate that is in owner home. With intermediary company bright repair a plank road built along a cliff, myself does one thing under cover of another. This one action as expected be successful, owner is contacted very quickly with me, but the issue also came subsequently immediately -- , owner asks me: "By what do I believe you? If you cheat me on purpose, am I miserable? Whose redress an injustice do I look for? ! "   is, by what does the family believe my sincerity? By my self introduction? By my identity? Trashy! The self introduction of a lot of cheater is much more pleasant than my beauty, its identity is more brilliant than me also much more important, what can I show?

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