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Mr Jiang signed up for in Min travel area in June spring 388 lane hired the road a house, conventional lease is half an year at that time. But on he receives the month suddenly landlord announcement, the house already sold, new landlord will move in very quickly, ask its look for a house additionally to move out as soon as possible. Mr Jiang says, according to agreement, if have,change, landlord must shift to an earlier date a month informs him, let him have preparative time. But landlord is abrupt sold a house, let him unaware a bit. He wants to seek advice, if why this handle this issue? Lawyer: If the contract renting a house that Mr Jiang and landlord sign already set estate to trade by law the branch deals with the formalities that register, landlord sells the house must inform him first piece before, he has preferential bought right; If be other,buy, mr Jiang has continue bear the right that lease, want bilateral and harmonious solution definitely.

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