Building black intermediary is changing method cheats a client to hire a room to
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Of have no idea " information is expended "   lives in Beijing on the west Ms. Dong Ying of the city zone met worry of one picket nest recently. Before before long, a southern friend plays Ms. Dong telephone, say to want to come to Beijing develop, the request helps lease a building. Then Ms. Dong comes near Beijing west station boreal constant edifice 6 buildings place of intermediary of a building. Listen to the requirement of Ms. Dong, the staff member represents room interpose place at once at hand is having a house, door model, establishment, a sector of an area, price is likely, want capture to pass only " cash pledge seeing a room " , two days can see a room, enter. The thing is so great, ms. Dong is had her heart filled with glad, the requirement capture that presses room interpose place at once 1000 yuan of money. Staff member explanation: "Cash pledge " it is to prevent lodger and landlord to meet hind " bypass " intermediary place. After clinching a deal, will deduct intermediary cost to return. That evening, ms. Dong and friend are contacted, say the house has been arranged basically. The friend flew to Beijing from south at once. The following day, ms. Dong and the friend that come from afar arrive together intermediary place, the requirement sees a room. The company is arranged at once, but the staff member on the road receives a telephone call suddenly, one face is subsequently regretful, say landlord old mother falls ill suddenly, see a room delay the next day only. But, friend of Ms. Dong arrangement lives in guesthouse below. In subsequently a week, ms. Dong and friend go everyday intermediary place asks to see a room, but always by a variety of reason evade, then they ask to return charge. But intermediary place says the house can be found sooner or later, remove fee anything but. Among conflict, intermediary place shows a pair stage by stage " dead pig is not afraid that boiled water is hot " manner, niminy-piminy to the requirement of Ms. Dong, use scampish method intimidate even. Because is Ms. Dong honest Strontium of Piao of camel of oyster of し of balance Xing discharge revive is Tuo Jian of  of band  coat protects  delay Mi Yun excuse me of quarrel of suck of agent of be soiled of outfit of Ju of firewood of Shi of fluid of Tang of mystery of  of Mao of aunt stalk  ? Br>   cries "Stop Thief" while being a thief " intermediary not faze "     " say building intermediary cheats those to be eager to those who seek a room begging only hire a person, did not think of to connect me of this rental building give cheated! " how does Mr Chen also want not to understand, to rent a two bedrooms, oneself classify information to some newspaper in one is made clear " avoid medium, the university graduates " beg hired a person to make a telephone call, but after a day, mr Chen was immersed in a nightmare -- , everyday nearly 100 are begged hire a phone not to divide ground of day and night to hit arrive home li of mobile phone with him on, family person hears phone sound to be scared. The reporter chose 10 to indicate clearly designedly on the Beijing site that leases a website in a famous house " intermediary not faze " , " intermediary is avoided talk " the individual Fangyuan information of model of written characters, one unanimous report seeks advice, the master neither one that did not think of 10 rooms source is true landlord, all be building intermediary orgnaization, and basically be with collection cost seeing a room or information cost are given priority to, cost seeing a room is 200 differ to 1000 yuan. A gentleman that professes to had done building medium one year tells a reporter, so called beg hiring a person is intermediary of a building actually, they are hit " avoid medium " request the shop sign that hire, letting a person feel to carry advertising person is only beg the person that hire commonly, when the person that can wait for a building to rent makes a telephone call, they undertake to lessor however detailed " interrogate " , come down the record such as size of location of lessor full name, room, building, phone, the room source that subsequently these information became intermediary by paid carry supply to beg hire a person, as to beg hire person and lessor to whether be contacted, whether to clinch a deal to have nothing to do with them. Commonly everyday can ten look for those who come to want to see a room, the Spring Festival or it is 90 month fastigium when, often should drive be like a region to wear the person that rent a house goes seeing a room. Discovery is returned after reporter of profit of triplet of one flatlet extort is visited, a few card hire a firm according to all ready building, although not collection " cost seeing a room " , but also have oneself " distinctive " management course. Be in near La Dao inside some guesthouse in the office of bank of a building, ms. Li puts forward to want to rent the two bedrooms of a Fang Zhuang. The relevant certificate such as card of property right of Ms. Li building is examined in the staff member when, ms. Li is right also letter of intelligence of intermediary of the business charter of this company, estate undertook checking, "Everything is very normal, connect general intermediary company's rare agent qualification disease to be short of even. "   can let Ms. Li only then makings not as good as is backside " feline be bored with " . A residence of 60 square metre that just decorates (two rooms one hutch protects one office) , in furniture, electric equipment all ready and below basic and brand-new circumstance, hack price from 1800 yuan by " chop " went to 1300 yuan, and agree in the contract, every 13 months pay building bank Ms. Li the hire of 12 months. That is to say, the intermediary that Ms. Li wants every year to pay a month to building bank is expended (1300 yuan of) . After, ms. Li is informed this building bank to be in acting hack process again, increased hire every month 1600 yuan, and also to collection of the person that rent a house a month (1600 yuan) intermediary representative cost. The poundage of two months and every month profit of 300 yuan triplet of altogether of intermediate price difference, building bank is in so bully is left hide the truth from right lieutenant general ground of feel at ease and justified of this triplet profit delimited oneself account. The reporter manages an unit to understand from Beijing building, this kind of action that takes price difference is illicit of administrative unit public proclamation. According to the regulation, building intermediary orgnaization is in this service process, can the intermediary administration fee of collection one party, and be annual do not exceed the hire forehead of a month to spend. Black room interpose runs rampant to be in for which kinds code gradually perfect, the market gradually normative today, he Rengru of predestined relationship of black room interpose this flush, aggressive? As we have learned, so far, in Beijing industrial and commercial bureau registers the building intermediary company that receives business patent to have 1184; And the number of management department of Beijing building land shows, so far, those who get attestation of building intermediary aptitude is many 800. Beijing building rents the market to go up, only the residential area that rent is in above of 10 million square metre. So big cake nature was attracted numerous " deadbeat " , and the black room interpose in make a profit in troubled situation is special " have an advantage " . Beijing disappear assist dragon director summary goes out " black intermediary " a few big characteristics: The give an extravagantly colourful description when go canvassing, the condition of the person that rent a house can be satisfied; Door face is little, 3 two people a few phones, so that " hit one gun to trade a place " ; Saying is to hand in subscription seeing a room first, dissatisfactory but refund, what earn actually is this subscription, room source is not had in the hand. Disappear assist remind the person that seek a room: The price that chop a room does not want anxious to get things on the cheap; When seeking a room, seek advice more; Do certificate of the formalities, reservation after paying fee; The problem is complained in time; The lot closes to take lawyer or the person that know a way at the same time; Search normal medium. as a result of low investment, tall redound, low risk, plus oneself of market of our country intermediary immature, non-standard, the person that have a few be blinded by gain naturally make a profit in troubled situation, hole cheats abduct. Yang Xiaohong of director of office of wet in relief attorney's lawyer thinks, in the building process that rent, the more " be eager to hope for success " house-owner and lodger are deceived more easily. Yang Xiaohong reminds the person that rent a house, it is to should choose lawful, credit spends high building intermediary company, examine carefully whether to have " two card " ; 2 it is main to the room check its building card, Id, booklet of registered residence and " the building is rental licence " , " housing is rental and safe licence " . If do not have hind " two card " , of the building rental attribute illegal action, contract of signs the intermediary that rent a house should is invalid; 3 it is to sign the intermediary that rent a house to close to want discretion at the same time, won't do to intermediary, return collect fees and cash pledge should have specific provision, do not be eager to handing in a paragraph to clinch a deal; 4 it is bill should be being made clear is " cash pledge " , is not " information is expended " , answer appropriate is custodial contract sheet and bill.

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