Indoor decorate a style need not too dinkum
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And in classicism, treat the lamp as only illuminative one part. In the design, the appearance of the lamp is more important, it is joined as element of a kind of adornment in decorating a design. And the change of lamplight is not much, because this medium environment compares a tradition.

Style need not absolutely and dinkum

Because all sorts of culture and lifestyle are ceaseless shirt-sleeve, the existence; that there already was dinkum style in bedroom design at the same time, decorate the thing that also is not stylist only, house-owner ought to learn what undertake harmony with stylist to communicate in designing a process. This is the premise that designs a success.

The consumer before the design should provide a few basic data for stylist, include domestic population, sexual distinction, age, the use of every building asks, the hobby of each one waits; a moment to offer preparation to acquire even the norms and the breed of equipment, model, color; electrical outlet, switch, television, acoustics, phone position; that puts in the future wants continue to employ the height with the housewife; such as the dimension of original furniture, material, design, color, , the one's style of work as well as one's moral quality that includes you not to like (modelling, decorate, color) , do not like what material and color, preparation chooses what kind of furniture in the future, still have what is there on the life special requirement is waited a moment.

If conditional, best can keep the demand to stylist in detail. These conditions are the basic material that stylist must master in the design, such, the plan ability that he designs accords with the “ taste ” of your family.

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