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If the room is little, hope to have oneself independent space again, so use in the bedroom lie between screen, slippery course sliding door or use portable furniture to replace original airtight partition wall, make the wall turns “ into vivid ” , make integral space is had at the same time feel fully.

Little space wants “ light to repair ”

If the cubby is a cabinet everywhere, the opposite space that also reduced the life however. As such as its, the money that is inferior to a decorate is taken buy a few a bit better furniture. Light of so called “ repairs ” decorate concept to advocate: Below limited budget, residing the practical function of a space to should configure ability with furniture is the first focal point of decorate, as to day, ground, wall modify the supporting rule that belongs to a space to decorate. Little space decreased to secure ponderosity decorate, the space was come out by move, person ability lives comfortably.

Colour wall highlights stereo feeling

Paint is the material that changes household atmosphere the most effectively, average person feels small dimensional area is more constraint, wall must the effect that pale just has a space to expand, actually otherwise, if colour wall color chooses appropriate, can make deepness sense instead, play the visual effect of large space. It is with space of a rectangle exemple, in the wall of distance, be like the deeper color on besmear, the length of OK and contractible space, arrange the space relatively upright and foursquare, additionally little space do not be acted the role of with too much cloth, wallpaper of too much design and color, tablecloth, tired compose spends money again.

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