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House price tall look forward to, small family automatical ground makes the first selection of course of study of buy of light person of 80 the year after next. Although the house is small, still want the whole life that bear the weight of; Because young, want many somes of originality always also. From centimeter begin to design a space, let little room get the biggest the value that change comes true. Below the dream that a life wants in little space and actual and all outfit, need to move really think. Arrive again to the style from the space every detail, want to have idea only, come true with respect to law of meeting in the right way.

Do not need doubt, small family decorate a principle to want to make full use of namely interior space. As a result of small family model bedroom area is opposite for relatively narrow, should include daily life possibly in a room, receive a visitor, store, a variety of function activities such as study, want to satisfy the life need of people already, make even indoor do not deliver generation mixed and disorderly feeling, this undertakes to bedroom space with respect to need sufficient and reasonable decorate. General composition can begin from the following respects:

Tonal setting slants bright color

Small family if the bedroom is designed unreasonable, can let a room appear dimmer and narrow, while because this colour design is in,him union is liked, attune of light color of general and optional choose, demitint serves as the fundamental key of furniture and bedspread, sofa, curtain. These colour diffuse because of having and regressive sex, make the bedroom can give a person with bright and pure and fresh and optimistic, capacious feeling.

When the tonal arrangement that when whole space a lot of differ relatively, the visual effect of the room will rise greatly. But want to notice, different capable person had better not be used too much to reach colour character inside same space, such meetings create the oppressive sense on the vision, best with downy bright beautiful colour gives priority to tone.

Small family still can enlarge eye shot with daylighting, if increase the dimension of the window or collect appliance to a furniture that appears gender or vitreous material to pledge and desk and chair wait, become the space bright capacious.

Furniture is put but fore-and-aft

Furniture is the main essential factor that the bedroom assigns, if why make inside limited space,each function has the bedroom already space, have immanent connection again, do not produce crowded move, this depends on greatly the form of furniture and dimension.

Modelling is simple, qualitative the furniture with light, cabinet feeling, especially those can be combined at will, tear open outfit, received furniture to suit small family quite model. Or choose cover an area of the furniture with small, higher area, can contain a large number of article already, do not waste a space again.

This also reflected small family bedroom to place the one big characteristic of furniture, namely to fore-and-aft development. If choose the bed of tall foot to provide, come so but bed face drive up, imperceptible in raised bed scale the following can use a space, flat perhaps buy piece of amphibious bed, pack up by day when sofa, put down in the evening when bed, kill two birds with one stone. Computer to the youth it is indispensable study and office appliance. But should put down computer desk already in small bedroom, add a big bookshelf or bookcase to appear a little crowded again even, because this is when the choice,should choose to have the integral study of market offer action of course.
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