8 years floor popularity new trend restores ancient ways with spell a flower to
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Ground color should foil the color of furniture and with composed and downy give priority to tone, because the ground is decorated,belong to permanent decorate, usually, the floor often won't change, because this should choose neuterer color. From tonal on say, light color furniture can be combined arbitrarily with the floor of deep, light color, but the collocation of brunet furniture and brunet floor should take care all the more, if domestic wall color cooperates undeserved, produce the scene with depressive ” of black of “ black black very easily.

The daylighting condition of the bedroom also limitted the choice scope of floor color. The bedroom with good daylighting need not say oneself, can choose at will; And floor is inferior, the bedroom with inadequate daylighting should notice choice brightness is taller, the floor with appropriate color, avoid to use the floor board with darker color as far as possible. Additional, colour can affect visual result of the person, warm color attune is outspread color, cool color attune is contractive color. So, the room ground with little area should choose dark tonal cool color, make the person produces the feeling that the area enlarges. If choose the warm color floor with bright color to be able to make the space appears narrower, added depressive touch.

   Floor restoring ancient ways takes dominant place

This topic reflects “ ” restoring ancient ways to occupy an industry in the home not just, wooden floor industry also cannot leave “ ” restoring ancient ways this popular element. Natural, healthy, to rustic forest yearning, the concept of floor stylist can communicate a client through small wooden floor.

   Floor spelling a flower brings another amorous feelings

Spelling floor of flowers and trees is a kind of high indoor ground decorate material, with its changeful modelling and design make the argument that consumer fondles admiringly, cartoon, choiceness spells a flower, the opinion that can press oneself even goes setting a figure arbitrarily, and can measure a body to have something made to order, the individual character of the customer that makes numerous individual character fashionable got huge make public.

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