8 years the home holds construction of environmental protection of popular trend
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Using building materials of green environmental protection while, maintain indoor airy from beginning to end even in construction process expedite, send out in time harmful gas, undertake to building rubbish appropriate classifies processing at the same time, assure to won't be versed in to applying personnel health and environment produce an effect in construction process.

Furniture of use green environmental protection

From where does the formaldehyde in domestic outfit come?

Meeting occurrence formaldehyde lives in the environment that exceeds bid in formaldehyde content toxic symptom, average performance is giddy, odour acrimony and pungent, weep, palpitation. Contact formaldehyde for a long time, still can raise the possibility that causes cancer.

In material of outfit is in the home, the backboard that provides like compound floor, a few furniture, cabinet, face plate those who use is density board, because density board is medium,those who use is uric aldehyde glue, the content of formaldehyde is higher, the country is at present right the formaldehyde content in density board established rigid standard, because this should notice the brand of material, producing area when the choose and buy,reach detect report. The room after decorating also must sufficient and ventilated take a breath, cannot enter immediately.

Other man-made board be like greatly core board, three-ply board, 5 plywood give priority to with acetic third ethylene as a result of use agglutinant, because this formaldehyde content is opposite inferior.

Formaldehyde releases an index that how much the quantity is to measure a product to release formaldehyde gas. The adhesive that uses in adornment plank at present still is given priority to with Niao aldehyde colophony, the formaldehyde that did not share reaction what remain in plank can be released to the environment all round gradually. Formaldehyde, ammonia is released angrily and radioactivity pollution is a family the mainer 3 pollution source in decorating, especially ammoniac gas and radioactivity, if do not carry an instrument, people cannot perceive at all the presence that gives them. Accordingly you can pass an expert to detect, judge living environment to whether have these pollution.

Green decorates a note

Metope coating notices “ memory ” pollutes:

When choosing coating, besides color and burnish, the most important is to should choose environmental protection coating. Generally speaking the joint-stock, quality that imports a brand and environmental protection have quite assure, if establish state lacquer, Duoleshi, come power, inferior, explain button force, China makes lacquer giraffe, Moweier wait, if the high-quality goods of homebred Qi Zhong is red fruit of equivalent of lion, beacon is pretty good also.

When coating of choose and buy, you must arrive appoint brand brand shop, additional, real brand agent has a series of proof files.

Notice the use of complementary makings in construction even, especially glue and priming paint. Although you chose environmental protection coating, when base is handled also cannot careless, the priming paint that uses famous brand can assure integral result not only, the angle consideration from environmental protection is indispensable also.
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