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The summer 2008, to line of business of whole China furniture, envelop it seems that in try to show happyness when one is sad of a kind of “ secretly of anxious ” embarrassed in. Hasten of building city macroscopical adjusting control is close, cause the furniture market demand that serves as downstream industry acute decreases; and rate of drawback of exchange rate wave motion, exit is reduced, price of domestic raw material and labor cost rise wait for an element, the furniture brand that makes export export in great quantities again turns in succession the market inside the Warring States; And such as red star is beautiful at the same time the large chain such as household of star of triumphant dragon, month sells a without a stop the land in each district dilate cloth is nodded, already competed originally intense Chinese furniture market more arrived the degree of miserable intense!

Below so grim market situation, some furniture sell however “ lies between a bank to still sing backyard to spend ” , singing loudly “ to return the slogan that shows sales promotion ” to solicit the business everywhere. And this kind of sales promotion move that making “ pass on banner of ” of consumer yielding benefit, whether to let consumer denouncing “ cheap ” truly? Be who is after all does for the crisis the furniture of 4 bend over sell buy sheet?

Furniture sells change return compare field of play chess spelling gain now

To astute Shanghai consumer, the similar discount of general merchandise course of study, return ticket, buy send first-class sales promotion kind already common, and the mad “ that faces furniture to sell a your person dazzling, stare tongue-tied is returned show sales promotion ” , still hard to avoid one random condition!

With sales promotion of dragon boat festival is this year exemple, triumphant dragon furniture sells red star beauty an odd pen consumption is returned 2000 yuan completely return ready money 800 yuan of; are built distribute sheet of furniture of dragon board type pen consumption is returned 2000 yuan completely return 850 yuan of; and as beauty of red star of 6.19 days of Shanghai the practice of store of flagship of triumphant dragon true north, businessman “ returns the skill that shows sales promotion ” is to be used to acme more: Clinching a deal than the market price is low on 4 become basises, full 2000 yuan return ready money after 660 yuan send 200 yuan to touch building materials of the; that use certificate to clinch a deal again full 2000 yuan return ready money 360 yuan send 300 yuan to touch again with certificate, and the high specified number such as the ” of “ interlink big lottery of 100% win a prize in a lottery yields benefit sales promotion.

As we have learned, return like the photograph show sales promotion big fight to also be in Beijing, Shenyang, Chengdu, Nanjing and other places is performed, to contend for limited market, numerous household sells an all without exception elaborative on sales promotion amount, often be “ you 1000 return 200, I am returned 300, more even. ” and most let a person drop those who defeat glasses is, return some selling cry went out full 2000 highest can get the catchword of 5000!
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