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Transition follows suit in adversity

Face flat international market, export be in a dilemma of furniture company life and death. Company of a lot of furniture begins exit to turn sale in domestic market. But, transition of this kind of blind did not bring bright future to the enterprise, in fact, this is a slow process, also need operator to have clear fixed position to the market at the same time, stand firm among oscillation period. Beijing country rich freely manages president of advisory limited company Dr. Zhao Long to think, operator should from proceed with of a domain, do all sorts of channel to enlarge management face quickly, such ability grip the market.

   Take brand course

Ceng Yi spends a brand is to lead an enterprise to move toward prosperous surveyor's pole it seems that, auspicious fills president of village of furniture of Wei state international Mr Zou Wenlong to point out, to furniture the brand is very important the industry, but again good brand, doing not have good agency and distribute group also cannot make its name. Fu Shuangcheng of subeditor of Asia-Pacific furniture newspaper also thinks if an enterprise pitchs hundred energy the brand, end in order to fail necessarily. The birth of a brand is grafting is mixed of a lot of be in business and of channel, of brand channel build should take agency seriously to the brand approbate, understanding and protection, because channel of this brand sale is mixed,shopkeeper interest lives or die to the life and death of furniture company the action with a crucial move.

   Negligence terminal sells a “ educational ”

Industry of furniture of the China below the —— of press conference of Fair of furniture of Shanghai of Ji Chengwei state on August 2 and world economy environment grows a seminar to go up, secretary-general of guild of Shenzhen city furniture Mr Hou Kepeng puts forward “ to teach the point of view that supports terminal ” , what he thinks furniture itself is furniture brand is hard prop up, and “ person ” is furniture brand is soft prop up, any cannot loosen on one hand. What sell the home to be able to match with furniture itself photograph now is not much, because manufacturer agency is right,educational field of the person takes seriously not quite. Want to accomplish the brand furniture of be worthy of the name truly, maintain brand image project, the quality that terminal sells a personnel is having crucial effect.

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