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Northward furniture company is garrisoned south exhibits market of can southern furniture to accept a challenge

Northward furniture is stronger in last few years, distribution centre is provided in a few everybody, northward furniture development is the rapiddest. The news briefing is exhibited to go up in furniture of the 14th China International, zhu Changling of vice-president of Chinese furniture association introduces, the manufacturer of northern region furniture that this second ginseng exhibits “ amounts to 155, the area occupies 10250 square metre, occupy this second China International furniture was exhibited 2008 always exhibit 8.93% the businessman's, the area is occupied 9.36% , develop momentum fierce. ” series furniture demands exceeds supply now, besides be opposite ceaselessly of distribute channel outside perfecting, its prime cause depends on northward furniture brand accusing to the strict control of product quality and character, quality gets assuring, character also promotes ceaselessly, attracted more dealer then. Furniture industry has its distinctive side, the furniture company of an area should have innovation government, talent input and sale innovation are important facet, especially everybody should unite, twist a rope, can establish the brand through be being exhibited professionally rise.

Furniture industry also drove the economy of the area at the same time, get each district is relevant of the personage great fix eyes upon. The northward furnisher that guides with Beijing is developing in last few years extremely rapid, cause other area furniture to glide somewhat in Beijing sales volume. In the capital each furniture sells a medium sale pop chart in, northward furniture brand is occupied 80% , share of northward furniture market was achieved in Beijing 50% , and also can occupy in countrywide market 30% . The capital is northward furniture brand before 4 of sale of each old furniture market almost. The cost that the cost of northward furniture brand compares Guangdong furniture commonly is high 10% , the cost that uses the company of a few famous and northward furniture that imports plank compares Guangdong furniture tower above even 30% , accordingly, on the sale price of the market, northward furniture also compares other area furniture normally tall 20% to 30% , in the price not dominant below the circumstance, sales volume still one-up, see the certain competition ability that the furniture of Beijing has, especially the furniture that respect of strategy of the use that he pledges in material, sale, after service compares other area is dominant.

Accompany what have an industry as Chinese home to develop continuously, believe furniture is exhibited can be sure to become the world to pay close attention to a focus.

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