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Accumulate through precipitation of 20 years, in recent years, chinese furniture industry rises quickly, had become world furniture to produce big country and exit power at present. As exhibit famously inside the industry meeting, if furniture of Italian Milan international is exhibited, furniture of international of German division grand is exhibited and the United States is nodded high (Highpoint) international furniture is exhibited etc, the world furniture that its are leading 20 centuries second half the part of a historical period develops tide, promoting the swift and violent development of global furniture industry.

Furniture is exhibited can guide and promote industry development

In home each industry is exhibited in the meeting, furniture is exhibited start relatively earlier, a lot of exhibit can have long history, for example Shenzhen international furniture is exhibited and Beijing international furniture is exhibited reach Guangzhou international furniture to exhibit already was close to 10 years of phylogeny, among never discontinuous, this promoted the development of whole furniture industry on certain level. Of Chinese furniture industry rise abruptly and develop, with exhibit meeting economy to supplement each other, promote each other. The industrial success that develop is exhibited famously meeting, exhibit the progress that can promote relevant industry maturely.

The enterprise is in ginseng in postponing a process, can have good communication and collaboration, exhibit can purchasing build between business and supplier remove a complete industrial catenary. On past China furniture, shortage of medium, downstream industry is communicated effectively, existence is out of line badly between the industrial catenary such as production of fittings of Yuan Fucai makings, hardware, furniture phenomenon. Exhibit through holding meeting, the between each enterprise communication on stimulative industry catenary and interactive, implementation information is communicated with share, achieve the collective progress of whole industry catenary thereby.

In the meantime, furniture association is in postpone can medium action likewise crucial, association is met through exhibiting the industry numerous advantage company and well-known trademark gather together rise, promote the advanced delegate of the industry, this kind of active service conducted the development of the enterprise, decided the right way of the industry, exhibiting meeting economy is the barometer that the industry grows, it is indispensable.

Moreover, exhibiting can be to reflect the market and drop of industrial first-rate union. The enterprise needs to confront most client, the client needs to see numerous firm, exhibiting can be the optimal turning point that bilateral collaboration runs, exhibit the core action of the meeting to be business start market namely, this function has been developed, exhibit the appeal of the meeting to be met bigger and bigger. Latter “ meets exhibit join ” surely, it is an everyday expressions of line of business of a lot of furniture, wanted to attend to exhibit can regular meeting to have results only, this includes corporeal economic profit among them, also include aeriform social profit. And to looking around person for, collect congener product, carefully goods compares 3, can understand more professional knowledge through exhibiting, widened eye shot, buy cheap and fine goods, also can yet be regarded as a kind of good choice.
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