Is outfit of Home Shen Cheng entered " formula times " ?
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   Choice formula contrasts carefully

Liaoning province decorates association relevant controller expresses, this kind those who decorate formula mode roll out, can let decorate a company to undertake large-scale purchase, reduce cost of material, at the same time construction cost also can be reduced accordingly, construction craft also is met more practised. Give owner more the space of the choice, because pass assorted mode also leave out the rush about suffering of owner. In view of formula sort more, product brand is different, so consumer should contrast carefully when the choice, the choice fits his formula pattern most.

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Does different formula have what distinction?

The clothbound formula of market is general now be with 269 yuan / square metre, 399 yuan / square metre, 569 yuan / square metre is given priority to, what is the distinction of so different formula?

The formula place of different price uses advocate material quality and brand are different.

The brand is different, nature of class, price is different. Although the brand is same, model also has distinction. For instance, the building materials product that the formula with higher cost uses is the new product that this brand rolls out this year for the most part, old product of design and function nature excel.

   Formula can be economical?

Reporter from Beijing Ruibowen, decorate every day, yuan continent adornment decorate a company to understand, the building materials brand inside the formula and decorated a company to sign long-term strategic cooperation agreement, they can take the price under the market from agency office.

This kind of formula included artificial cost, shop to install cost, complementary material cost, truckage to wait mostly, and these charge also are the larger expenses in decorating charge.

   Whether to still have premium?

A lot of consumer still have a few doubt, whether to still need to pay other fee besides the charge of formula line out?

“ most formula does not need to increase premium, unless consumer has special demand. ” rolls out what “ decorates formula ” to decorate company relevant controller to all express, “ if of some consumer preference is 269 yuan / the formula of square metre, but he took a fancy to 569 yuan however / the floor in square metre formula, need to pay among them price difference. ”

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