Is outfit of Home Shen Cheng entered " formula times " ?
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“ formula ” , appear the earliest in meal industry, follow like the shadow in the life in us however nowadays row. No matter be the foreign snack inn that appears early, still be the formula of telephone bill communication of communication industry; No matter be a department in building of marriage gauze shadow, still decorate the clothbound formula that the company carries out. It seems that our food and clothing stays in what what involve all right the track that each domains had “ formula ” , choose to regard new sale as mode “ formula ” when numerous businessman, the life that also means us was taken ” of “ formula times.

Want everybody to have a bit only advertent, the formula mode that can discover at present Shen Cheng lives in the market to go up is increasing, ” of ” of “269 economy formula, “399 clothbound formula, “569 is luxurious formula ”…… for a short while all sorts of price formula blow on the face and come.

   What is to decorate a formula?

What is the “ formula ” that lives in the market? Alleged decorating a formula is a material part namely wall brick, floor tile, floor, ambry, clean is provided, the door and door are covered etc advocate material, add a foundation to decorate construction to be combined together, let owner get a perfect household decorates a project to serve.

This kind of formula and photograph of house property of a few clothbound are similar, want to move furniture only, can enter. So in estate how much is clothbound price? Compare with photograph of clothbound house property, do this kind decorate a formula to close again improper? Building of reporter Cong Mou dish place seek advice be informed, same building dish the price of every square metre is in clothbound to be controlled 4300 yuan, and clear water room is controlled in 3800 yuan, differ 500 yuan of every square metre, this and the price that decorate a formula partly keep balance basically.

   Be wait-and-see be still praise highly?

When the reporter is communicating with a few owner, a lot of owner express to be able to accept mode of this kind of formula, they think this kind decorates a large number of the formula is OK and economic carrying to choose the time with stuff wasteful place, also can reduce the choose and buy when picking material, trifling job such as bargain, relieve the pain that rush about while, the value also has been decided beforehand, plan sex will be stronger. But if he kisses force to be in person,also owner thinks, the word that accomplishs economic expenditure in every link is OK more be economical, and the choice space of material also is met bigger. Return somebody to be in confused condition, do not know to whether should try mode of this kind of formula, when whether can this kind of formula accomplish what they publicize to be saved in that way really, be economical, save labour, have “ trap ” .
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