The home spins dispute of case of big list price to form join in inning
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In our country in recent years the room changes policy drive below, live in every year decorate consumption to achieve 500 billion yuan, among them of family expenses textile change and purchase charge to be occupied about 25% , amount to many yuan 1000. According to statistic, the dweller purchases the consumption that every square metre uses bridal chamber at indoor textile to be in 80 yuan - 120 yuan, the city waits in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, this one word is to be as high as 120 yuan more - 200 yuan.

The brand business that spins a business to the home is told with the person that join in, the home spins a domain to be new student of a “ ” , have infinite possibility, a rig business that spins an industry has not appear on home market after all. In addition, because invest little, risk,the home spins inn the characteristic such as small, management stability, attract adding numerous the look of the person that join in.

Can saying 2006 is a contend for hegemony that spins line of business year, domestic and international tycoon becomes angry in succession home of race to control spins an industry advantageous a place with a draught, showed oneself strong one side. ” of “ price dispute is this numerous home spins the expressional form that struggles between “ school ” , and for the person that spin a brand to join in to the home, ” of “ price dispute means each old brand business to will lower the respective threshold that enrol business, but the stability of brand development and supply of goods also becomes their pained issue.

What grow rate as a result of area culture and economy is different, each district home spins the market to also present a different characteristic. Coastal economy developeds quite southeast, more to the demand of high-grade product. And to a few in small town, the capacity that its market spins a product to specialize in inn to the home is very finite, because specialize in inn just about this now,accelerate the important period of development and advantage of go ahead of the rest of outspread, race to control. What must notice nevertheless is, investor should have psychology to prepare, the chain that at present the home spins brand business place to favor joins in mode, need the investment of a good deal of capital.

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