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Search the relevant website that the building rents, can discover very much individual is begged hire or let information can be made clear " decline intermediary " model of written characters, this explained from flank building intermediary lacks enough credit to spend. Occupy city disappear additionally assist offerred data shows, 1990 when accepted in its 2003 of all kinds intermediary are complained in, building intermediary was occupied 56.5% . Here, we invite those who put atrium house intermediary to trace to the source about expert get to the bottom of sth, the trap that debunk black intermediary decorates.

Come on the stage expert: 21 centuries are praedial manager Gao Xuezhong

Debunk trap: Cheat deposit, false landlord, coil packet of braise

Whole black the first action: Be not ready money business safer

The high manager with 21 praedial centuries expresses to the reporter, the behavior of hire of black intermediary diddle basically appears on 3 trading link: 1. The requirement before seeing a room pays deposit, after that no matter whether clinch a deal black intermediary by every means evade, do not remove tenement deposit; 2. False landlord cheats tenement, diddle half an year or a year of hire; 3. Large-scale a paragraph desert. Amount of diddle of the first kind of means is not large, but amount of the person that be cheated is much. And the 2nd, 3 kinds involve amount big, the influence is very bad. Eye forehead divides normal intermediary not to watch a room to expend, tenement can choose credit to spend, famous degree of higher intermediary company. To the 2nd, behavior of 3 kinds of deceit, main reason is to trade at present flow is not quite transparent. In the meantime, undertake through intermediary ready money business also can make black intermediary available can get. The branch is made as soon as possible related the proposal go out to trade accordingly regular, by bank or date of tripartite superintendency Zhang, adopt be not ready money business, the happening that reduces above circumstance greatly likely. 21 centuries are praedial with in collaboration of trustworthy trade bank debutted " card card turns Zhang " business, tenement can stock hire the Carrie of owner directly, not only convenient and avoid the client's risk.

Come on the stage expert: Catenary home. Duckweed of palace of inspector general of department of treasure estate market

Debunk trap: Conceal rental truth to coil money runnings

Whole black the 2nd action: Increase trade diaphaneity

Duckweed of palace of inspector general of department of treasure estate market expresses clearly: "In the building process that rent, trade the germ place that bilateral information asymmetry is brew the cause of disaster. " in black intermediary in con process, a lot of landlord are in discovery the ability after intermediary company person goes building air realizes him to be decieved. Actually intermediary already replaced their collection one year or the chummage of half an year; Same, a large number of tenements are urging the ability when make a money or controlling a house to know former landlord or landlady confiscates chummage in landlord. Investigate its reason, meaning of black intermediary hereat makes the part easy information hidden from view, make time difference. Gong Ping expresses further, special those who be necessary to strengthen house property intermediary is transparent trade, let trade both sides has right of sufficient know the inside story. What produce black intermediary to prevent is con, the entrusts agreement representative deadline that tenement can ask to examine intermediary company to be signed with landlord when renting a house, make clear the lease of this flatlet house, so that at paying period is decided really. Current, catenary home. Treasure course of study " secondhand the room consumes pedagogic school " offer freely for broad consumer regularly secondhand the room trades common sense and relevant policy code, gain ground secondhand investment of room buy trade trades knowledge and law of protection of consumer rights and interests.
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