I spend money to hire a room to still want to roam about everywhere however the
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To person of a foreign land, come to Beijing work, leasing a building is one lets a person really hard the thing of save worry. Early the intermediary that hears of Beijing " black " , then I make up an idea, look for a house to live from height, but ever did not think of or wore path.

Job coming to Beijing one week later, I begin to look for a house to be hired. Search room source goes up in the net by the side of me, the edge gives claim " intermediary is avoided talk " landlord calls, the target in the memory when making 101 telephone calls eventually appeared: Chummage can bear, the place is proper also, can pay rent by the month, the most important is to be able to avoid intermediary to expend... no time to lose in doing the job, I decide to see a room immediately at once. What await me in the house is a pair of mother and daughter, hearing oral speech sound is Shandong person. Perhaps Shandong is the home town of Confucius, I have trustful feeling to Shandong person all along, otherwise is a female to do not have guard together namely, cut price a bit, clinched a deal. On the spot article of check the amount, hand in every months certainly lease time, I mix cash pledge hire pays that month.

The work in the same placing listened to me to hire room course, immediately mouth Zhang Cheng " O " , half talent is spurt: "Room this didn't you look? Do you know they are true landlord! " pawn of a cold water is irrigated below, my heart immediately cool half.

Enter, I liked to go up gradually this house, clean and quiet, go to a company on foot from here just more than 20 minutes, this hut let the heart that I lead a wandering life have the harbour of anchor. But just when I am enmeshed in joyance, the issue came eventually.

That day, landlord makes a telephone call, ask when I come off work, say to thing and I discuss. My heart one mentioned voice key point: What issue can you give?

Next coming home, landlord already fell in the building wait for me. There is a meal by the side of me, landlord listens to speak by the side of " problem " . So she is a false landlord really. This house is her fellow-townsman, the closest fellow-townsman come back to be away on official business from abroad, want to come home. "Landlord " let me shack first to her home, waited for fellow-townsman to go to be moved again. Her home also is in this building, it is OK in the past that I take a dot to change washed clothing and other articles of daily use, with her what I had seen that day daughter of 20 years old lives one case.

This is an incredible story really!

Hire was handed in, manage is here, you are fair-spoken I am not moved. However " landlord " do not abandon, keep doing me to work, eat the meal till me, she still is persuading me.

That is Chu Xia's dusk, the setting sun from the window is illuminated on the west come in, appearance drifting gold is aspersed in the house, downy and poetics. The atmosphere that is at that time certainly affected me, I actually heart one soft promised her!
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