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Be in the urban district, they have comfortable hut severally, but around the office that is located in a suburb, they close however lease a building, live jointly. Recently, a few white-collars that in Pudong area of bridge of Gao Qiao, gold works " abandon " the home that is in the urban district, the collective inside the residential area beside the office was made rent a settle or live in a strange place. Their goal is very simple, leave out traffic is expended and rush about back and forth time. To such way, a few companies gave support, still extend to hire room allowance accordingly.

Economic Zhang: Save traffic cost, much filling sleep

2 years ago, the sea puts in land gentleman 's charge to apply for company of an United States endowment to be in charge of purchasing the job. Just went to work, he hired hire of a month around the company with the colleague 1800 yuan apartment, walk 5 minutes to go to work everyday. Actually, when just going back to the motherland, he bought a 3 rooms in brake north area the housing of 2 hall, spent many yuan 20 to be decorated anew.

"After the employ that receives a company informs, I begin to plan how to go to work, measured on the spot later, take a taxi want 60 yuan or so, course makes the word of change bus, money was to save many, but rush hour should spend half hours at least. " land gentleman says, as it happens has a colleague to also want to rent a house at that time, so two people installed around the company " " .

Land gentleman calculated brushstroke Zhang to the reporter, if he sits,course exchange goes to work by the bus, day of every average fare at least 20 yuan, a month is 600 yuan, in case touch on sleep to crossed a head or work overtime in the evening, need taxi word, a month wants 1000 yuan at least. However, now the hire of this flatlet after two people apportion, want 900 yuan every months only each. More important is, it is because of the building that leases next door the unit, can sleep to 8:40 to just get up every morning, and need not resemble same, was troubled by to wake by alarm clock at 7 o'clock everyday, especially in the winter, need not struggle to get up.

Nowadays, land gentleman is closing for nothing all the time at ordinary times in new building of the urban district, but became to on the weekend go vacationing house, regular meeting of land gentleman classics invites a fellow worker or the friend is in the home Likaipa is right, loosen the mood.

Comfortable Zhang: Hire time difference falls inside the room

Mr Chen that goes to work in Gao Qiao lives in 10 thousand lis of villages of Pu Tuo, 4 years ago, because intolerable congested is public transportation, bought a car to commute. Can have done not have how long, what he must begin to learn to bear a car is helpless, on 2 hours are being blocked up on the road is common occurrence. But what make Mr Chen feel disadvantageous most is, because of time difference, he what be in beauty endowment company personally often should open telephone meeting in before dawn, come off work from 18 o'clock then this paragraph of time of before dawn, can syare blankly to computer in the office only.
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