Lodger is forced but write IOU evil landlord cankered extortionate lodger
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Recently, procuratorate of people of dragon mouth city catchs guilty suspect Jiang Mou, Jiang Mou with be suspected of blackmail blame approving 2 people.

Jiang Mou, 25 years old fasten person of dragon mouth city; Jiang Mou, 22 years old, fasten person of city of a fabled abode of immortals. 2 people previous conviction. Victim Lu Mou is Jiang Mou's lodger, since 2005 all the time the house of hire Jiang Mou, chummage is to be given in as scheduled, never default, any economic dispute are not had between 2 people. Jiang Mou informed Lu Mou not to lease its building in April 2007. Should see the metope inside rental room and area by Lu Mou flyblown, and when door window also has damage, jiang Mou plans these need repair probably 8000 yuan, he arose to lend pen of this extortionate Lu some the thought of money, put into effect quickly.

On April 7, 2007 morning 11 when make 40 minutes, guilty suspect Jiang Mou cheats Lu Mou be in dragon mouth city to its Dong Lai is street the abode of some village, and Jiang Mou of suspect of get together crime and Zhang Mou, Zhou Mou, Wang Mou, " Xiaotian " (above 4 average per capita are at large) Lu Mou illegal detain comes on April 8 morning 9 when make, the cuff and kick, menace that hold weapon, language is adopted to threaten during wait for a method to coerce its write a bill signed in acknowledgement of debt, extortionate Lu some RMB 47 thousand yuan.

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