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Rob! Happen in door mouth

Yesterday morning, the reporter will be located in in next sanded sweet a pavilion or house on a terrace when the garden, the ability after the security personnel of the village asks already strictly to personnel of pass in and out shows relevant certificate and be registered is entered. Faint, the reporter experienced a kind of nervous atmosphere. "7 · the 30 incident that be raided " Ms. Chen expects party in unit building entrance, "Although already passed several days, but the fear of my heart all the time of brandish do not go " , she the figure is petite speaks of to the reporter the scene at that time still is one face is terrified.

Issue the garden in sanded · sweet a pavilion or house on a terrace, the village with a beautiful environment, here has little bridge, running water, family. A job that produces in the village on July 30 afternoon however lifted billows however. Controlled 5:50 that day afternoon, what Ms. Chen is living village owner when elevator waiting between unit and downstair elevator, encountered malign incident -- rob. Much office of Ms. Chen head is assaulted, at this late hour, fierce disrelish still not was captured.

Party an account in one's own words --

On July 30, after coming off work, about 17: 50 control me to reach a 1 unit. When entering unit building, a male youth of many years old 20 is reading the magazine in the hand. I also was not cared about, circle the elevator mouth from the back to prepare to go upstairs by elevator directly. Two elevator all lie at that time ten buildings, the edge sees TV ad edge waiting for elevator, crossed 229 seconds about, I hear a hurried footstep suddenly by prep as far as close, I think is which rapid move wants those who drive elevator to come home, did not care about, still continueing to look at TV ad. Be in right now, one fist was endured heavily suddenly on the head, one dizzinesses.

Do not have reaction to come over how to return a responsibility, then the individual begins to undertake cuff and kick to me, grab my sack desperately, I just understand at this moment is a moment ago that man. He is being robbed! I am kicked by him, look up the hand that staring at him (I see the face that is less than him) , he can take out my for fear that knife, that momently I fear extremely. "You want what to do after all, if wanting money, I give you, do not hit me " , although I so say, but subliminal in, I take the hand of the bag and did not loosen (I want to calculate fund to him really in those days, but the Id that thinks of me is with a lot of card in the bag) . He still is in desperately the package that buys me, I begin to cry " help " , but my cry does not have a person to be able to be heard. The belt of abrupt bag broke, at this moment my response comes, climb immediately, make help by the side of the shoe that procrastinating to want the edge runs desperately outside.
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